Malaysia: The strategic partnership, established between the two countries          in October
      2010 and the traditionally close relations, were given a boost with the visit of Prime Minister to
      Malaysia in 2015. The relations have been elevated to a higher level with the state visit of Prime
      Minister of Malaysia to India in 2017. The visit coincided with the 60th anniversary of the
      establishment of India-Malaysia diplomatic relations.
           New Zealand: India’s relations with New Zealand continued to deepen and expand in
      various fields such as economic, scientific, cultural, people-to-people contact and coordination
      on regional and issues of global importance. Sustained high level contacts led to an increasingly
      multifaceted profile of bilateral engagement as also to a growing level of coordination at regional
      and multilateral forums.
           Philippines: The year 2017 was marked by unprecedented high-level exchanges to the
      Philippines culminating in the visit of Prime Minister to the Philippines in 2017 to attend the 31st
      ASEAN and EAS Summits in Manila.
           Singapore:       During this year, India-Singapore bilateral relations achieved important
      strides in diverse areas including trade and investment, defence, security, skills, urban planning,
      and civil aviation.
           Thailand: India’s relationship with Thailand continued to deepen and strengthened
      during the year with the exchange of high-level visits and enhanced interactions in trade,
      investment, defence and security. Both the countries celebrated 70th anniversary of the
      establishment of diplomatic relations in 2017.
           Timor Leste:        India participated in the swearing in ceremony of President and 15th
      anniversary of the restoration of Independence of Timor-Leste held in Dili in 2017.
           Vietnam:       India and Vietnam celebrated 2017 as the Year of Friendship for
      commemorating the 45th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations and the 10th
      anniversary of establishment of Strategic Partnership.
           Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): 2017 was a landmark
      year, both for ASEAN and for ASEAN-India relations. While ASEAN celebrated fifty years of
      its existence this year, India celebrated the 25th Anniversary of ASEAN-India Dialogue
      Partnership, fifteen years of summit level relationship and five years of strategic partnership with
      ASEAN. Based on the theme of the 25th anniversary celebration of ASEAN-India partnership,
      ‘Shared Values, Common Destiny’, India organised commemorative events in India as well as in
      ASEAN countries encompassing the three pillars of political-security, economic and socio-
      cultural cooperation.
      East Asia
           Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK): Since its inception in
      December 1973, the diplomatic relations between India and DPRK have been cordial. In 2017,
      DPRK conducted a series of missile and nuclear tests. India deplored the nuclear and ballistic
      missile programme of the DPRK and remained concerned about the proliferation of nuclear and
      missile technologies which has adversely impacted India’s national security.