harmonization of food additives with codex; standards for raw pulse; microbiological standards
      for meat and meat products and milk and milk products; standards for proprietary foods; Food
      Safety and Standards (Fortification of Food) Regulations, 2016; Food Safety and Standards
      (Import Regulations), 2017; Food Safety and standards (Food Recall Procedure) Regulations,
           Besides these, manual on quick test for detection of food adulterants at households and labs
      have been developed. National Milk Quality Survey was initiated. Safe water portal was
      launched where packaged drinking water under FSSAI or BIS licence number can be tested and
      validated. Capacity building/ programmes were launched for street food vendors in partnership
      with Skill India.
      Drug Regulation
           Medical Device Rules 2017 are notified. These provide for risk-based classification,
      licensing and regulation of medical devices. National Regulatory Authority (NRA) declared
      functional with the highest maturity level of 4 in respect of 5 functions and 3 in respect of 4
      functions. 344 irrational fixed dose combinations (FDCs) are prohibited. New National List of
      Essential Medicines (NLEM, 2015) finalized. It now includes 376 medicines. Coronary stents
      added in NLEM, 2015 and their ceiling prices fixed to provide relief to patients.
      Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi
           Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (RAN) was set up in 1997 to provide financial assistance to the
      patients living below poverty line, who are suffering from major life threatening diseases, to
      receive medical treatment at Government hospitals. The financial assistance to such patients is
      released in the form of “one time grant” to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital in which
      the treatment is being received. Under the scheme central government also provides grant-in-aid
      to states/union territories (with legislature) to set up State Illness Assistance Fund (SIAF) to the
      extent of 50 per cent of contribution made by state government/union territories.
      Health Minister’s Cancer Patient Fund
           The scheme Health Minister’s Cancer Patient Fund (HMCPF) within RAN was also set up
      in 2009. In order to utilize the HMCPF, the revolving fund as under RAN, has been established
      in 27 Regional Cancer Centres (RCCs). Such step ensures and speeds up financial assistance to
      needy cancer patients and help fulfil the objective of HMCPF under RAN.
      Health Minister’s Discretionary Grant
           Under the scheme of Health Minister’s Discretionary Grant (HMDG), financial assistance
      up to ₹ 1,25,000/- is available to the poor and needy patients to defray a part of expenditure on
      hospitalization for undergoing major surgical intervention and treatment of major diseases. The
      patients who are not covered under RAN, due to criterion of below poverty line and whose
      annual income does not exceed ₹ 1,25,000/- can avail the financial assistance under the scheme.
      Global Presence
           India is a regular participant and leading speaker at global events viz., World Health