International Grains Council
           India is a member of the International Grains Council (IGC), an intergovernmental forum of
      exporting and importing countries for cooperation in wheat and coarse grain matters which was
      previously known as International Wheat Council upto 1995. It administers the Grains Trade
      Convention, 1995. The IGC Secretariat, based in London since 1949, also services the Food Aid
      Committee, established under the Food Aid Convention. International Grains Agreement
      comprises Grains Trade Convention (GTC) and Food Aid Convention (FAC). India is a
      signatory to the International Grains Agreement (IGA), 1995 and its Grain Trade Convention
      (GTC), 1995 which is effective from 1995. IGC has two types of members—importing and
      exporting members. India has been included in the category of exporting member in July, 2003
      and represented in the meetings/sessions of the Council held from time to time.
      Food Processing Industries
           The Ministry of Food Processing Industries was set up in July, 1988 to give an impetus to
      development of food processing sector in the country. Later this Ministry was made a
      Department and brought under the Ministry of Agriculture. It was again made a ministry in 2001
      and named Ministry of Food Processing Industries.
           The Ministry is concerned with formulation and implementation of the policies for the food
      processing industries within the overall national priorities and objectives. A strong and dynamic
      food processing sector plays a vital role in diversification and commercialisation of agriculture,
      enhancing shelf life, ensuring value addition to agricultural produce, generation of employment,
      enhancing income of farmers and creating markets for export of agro foods. The Ministry acts as
      a catalyst for bringing in greater investment into this sector, guiding and helping the industry and
      creating a conducive environment of healthy growth of the food processing industry.
           The subjects allocated to the Ministry under Government of India (Allocation of Business)
      Rules, 1961 are:- (i) industries relating to: (a) processing and refrigeration of certain agricultural
      products (milk powder, infant milk food, malted milk food, condensed milk, ghee and other dairy
      products), poultry and eggs, meat and meat products; (b) processing of fish (including canning
      and freezing); (c) establishment and servicing of development council for fish processing
      industry; (d) technical assistance and advise to fish processing industry; (e) fruit and vegetable
      processing industry (including freezing and dehydration); and (f) foodgrains milling industry.
           (ii) planning, development and control of, and assistance to, industries relating to bread, oil
      seeds, meals (edible), breakfast foods, biscuits, confectionery (including cocoa processing and
      chocolate making), malt extract, protein isolate, high protein food, weaning food and extruded
      food products (including other ready to eat foods); (iii) beer including non-alcoholic beer; (iv)
      alcoholic drinks from non-molasses base; (v) specialized packaging for food processing industry,
      and (vi) aerated water and soft drinks.
      Contribution of Food Processing Sector
           Over the years agricultural production in India has consistently recorded higher output.
      India ranks number one in the world in the production of milk, ghee, ginger, bananas, guavas,
      papayas and mangoes. Further, India ranks second in the world in the production of rice, wheat
      and several other vegetables and fruits. Abundant supply of raw materials, increase in demand