body reporting to the Economic Intelligence Council (EIC) headed by the Finance Minister. For
      administrative purposes, FIU-IND is under the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance.
      FIU-IND is established as an administrative FIU i.e., as an independent government body that
      receives analyses and disseminates STR to the appropriate law enforcement or investigation
      agency. FIU-IND does not investigate cases. The main functions of FIU-IND include domestic
      co-operation, international co-operation, outreach, compliance and administration of an
      Information Technology based platform(FINnet) providing end-to-end solution for filing,
      analysis and dissemination of information, including making request and submission of
      Relevant Website:
      Narcotics Control
           The Narcotics Control Division administers the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic
      Substances Act,1985 (61 of 1985), which prohibits ,except for medical and scientific purposes,
      the manufacture, production, possession, sale, purchase, transport, warehouse, use, consumption,
      import inter-State, export inter-State, import into India, export from India or transhipment of
      narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
      Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal
           Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (earlier known as Customs Excise and
      Gold (Control) Appellate Tribunal) was formed as a quasi-judicial body to hear appeals from the
      orders and decisions passed by the Commissioner/ Commissioner (Appeals) of Customs, Central
      Excise and Service Tax under the Customs Act, 1962, Central Excise Act, 1944 and Finance Act,
      1994 respectively. The Tribunal is also having appellate jurisdiction on Antidumping matters and
      such matters are heard by special bench headed by the President, CESTAT. The headquarter and
      Principal Bench of the Tribunal is situated at Delhi. The regional benches are situated at
      Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Allahabad and Hyderabad
      having separate territorial jurisdiction. Whereas Delhi and Mumbai have 4 Benches each,
      Chennai has 2 Benches and all the other places have one Bench each. Each Bench of this
      Tribunal consists of a judicial member and a Technical Member.
      Department of Financial Services
           The Department of Financial Services (DFS) is mainly responsible for policy issues relating
      to Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and Financial Institutions including their functioning,
      appointment of Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officers (MD & CEOs),
      Executive Directors (EDs), Chairman cum Managing Directors (CMDs), legislative matters,
      international banking relations. Appointment of Governor/Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of
      India, matters relating to National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD),
      Agriculture Finance Corporation, Co-operative Banks, Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) and
      rural/agriculture Credit. The Department also administers the financial inclusion programme of
      the government, social security schemes and other targeted schemes aimed at facilitating flow of
      credit, matters relating to insurance sector and performance of public sector insurance
      companies, administration of various Insurance Acts. Matters relating to Insurance Regulatory
      and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) and matters relating to pension reforms including
      the New Pension System (NPS), etc.