PANs in one go through file processing can be done by the users.
           PAN can also be verified through “Know Your PAN” facility on Income-tax official web
      site where Name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth (DOB) /Date of
      Incorporation (DOI) are known. Service for PAN verification is also provided by income tax
      PAN Service Providers (UTITSL and NSDLeGov) to agencies such as (i) financial institutions
      (RBI/Banks) (ii) government agencies (iii) persons required to file Annual Information Return
      (iv) any other entity required to file Annual Information Return (v) credit card
      companies/institutions etc.,
      (f) Grievances Redressal Machinery
           Grievance Redressal Machinery related to PAN is well defined. Whenever a grievance is
      received related to PAN, appropriate action is taken including forwarding the grievance to field
      formations with guidance and existing instructions. Grievances are also received through
      Centralised Public Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS). All grievances
      related to PAN are downloaded from the website of CPGRAMS and after examination,
      appropriate action is taken by the Directorate and information about redressal action taken in
      such cases, is uploaded on the website. Further a new mechanism to lodge grievances has been
      made available to PAN holders and new PAN applicants through e-Nivaran facility on e-Filing
      portal. Here the complainant can pick specifics of complaint and the authority responsible to
      redress the matter. The entire process is online and besides functionaries of the department PAN
      Service Providers M/s UTIITSL and M/s NSDL e-Gov have been integrated to e-Nivaran
      mechanism for resolving the grievances of public.
      New Initiatives
      (a) Integration with e-Biz portal of DIPP
           e-Biz programme is a mission mode project of Department of Industrial Policy and
      Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry to facilitate the investors by providing
      Single Window clearance like licensing, environment and land clearances, approvals from
      various ministries and departments for start-up businesses. L1 and L3 integration of PAN and
      TAN services with e-Biz portal of DIPP has been completed. In L1 integration the applications
      for PAN and TAN are received through e-Biz portal and forwarded to PAN Service Providers.
      (b) Integration with MCA Portal
           PAN and TAN processes have been integrated with the process of registration of new
      companies using a Common Application Form SPICe (INC 32) at MCA portal. PAN and TAN
      are being allotted in Turn Around Time (TAT) of 4 hours from the time the application data in
      form 49A and 49B is received from MCA portal. PAN is being printed on Certificate of
      Incorporation of new companies along with CIN through this process.
      (c) Paperless Application using DSC and eSignature
           An online paperless procedure for application of PAN using Digital Signature Certificate
      and Aadhaar based e-Signature has been launched at websites of both service providers M/s
      NSDL and M/s UTIITSL. In this procedure a person having Digital Signature Certificate or e-
      Signature can apply for PAN through online form 49A and upload digitally signed application
      with scanned copies of Proof of Identity, Proof of Date of Birth, Proof of Address, Photograph