The Government of India provides financial and technical assistance to the state/UT
      government for activities aimed at wildlife conservation through the Centrally Sponsored
      Scheme viz., ‘Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats’. The scheme has following three
      components; support to Protected Areas (national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation
      reserves and community reserves); protection of wildlife outside protected areas; and recovery
      programmes for saving critically endangered species and habitats.
      Wildlife Crime Control Bureau
            Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) is a statutory multi-disciplinary body established
      under the Ministry, to combat organized wildlife crime in the country. The Bureau has its
      headquarters in New Delhi and five regional offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and
      Jabalpur; three sub-regional offices at Guwahati, Amritsar and Cochin; and five border units at
      Ramanathapuram, Gorakhpur, Motihari, Nathula and Moreh. It is mandated to collect and collate
      intelligence related to organized wildlife crime activities and to disseminate the same to state and
      other enforcement agencies for immediate action so as to apprehend the criminals; to establish a
      centralized wildlife crime data bank; coordinate actions by various agencies in connection with
      the enforcement of the provisions of the Act; assist foreign authorities and international
      organization concerned to facilitate co-ordination and universal action for wildlife crime control;
      capacity building of the wildlife crime enforcement agencies for scientific and professional
      investigation into wildlife crime and assist state governments to ensure success in prosecutions
      related to wildlife crimes; and advise the Government of India on issues relating to wildlife
      crimes having national and international ramifications, relevant policy and laws. The Wildlife
      Crime Control Bureau was constituted in 2007.
      Central Zoo Authority
            The Central Zoo Authority with its headquarters in New Delhi was established in 1992
      under the provisions of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 under the provisions of the Wild
      Life (Protection) Act, 1972 to oversee the functioning of zoos in the country with the view to
      enhance their role in conservation. The main objective of the Central Zoo Authority is to enforce
      minimum standards and norms for upkeep and healthcare of animals in the Indian zoos and to
      control the mushrooming of ill-conceived, ill planned zoos, to monitor and evaluate the existing
      zoos and to suggest ways and means for the improvement of zoos in the country so that they can
      be transferred into potent centres for ex-situ conservation of endangered wild fauna.
      National Zoological Park
            The National Zoological Park (NZP) was set up in 1959 under this Ministry. The main
      objective of the Park is to complement and strengthen the national efforts in conservation of the
      rich biodiversity of the country, particularly the wild fauna. To achieve this objective protocol is
      adopted which includes: supporting the conservation of endangered species by attempting their
      coordinated breeding under ex-situ conditions and raise stocks for rehabilitating them in wild as
      and when it is appropriate and desirable; to inspire amongst zoo visitors empathy for wild
      animals, an understanding and awareness about the need for conservation of natural resources
      and maintaining ecological balance; and providing opportunities for scientific studies useful for
      conservation in general and creation of data base for sharing between the agencies involved in
      in-situ and ex-situ conservation.