The National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) is a central sector
      scheme which aims to provide biogas plants as an asset for households, communities of
      households for meeting their clean cooking fuel needs in particular to rural/semi-urban
      households and organic manure for raising farm yield and productivity and maintaining the soil
      health. Biogas plants are, thus potential source of helping farmers in adopting organic farming. A
      biogas plant is a small farm infrastructure asset for farmers and household amenity for others.
            The NBMMP was implemented during 2017-18 as per the demand and physical targets
      received from the states through their designated state nodal agencies/departments, KVIC and
      National Solar Mission
            26 SPV projects of aggregate 330 MW capacity have been commissioned. Thus, 523 MW
      solar PV projects and 202.5 MW solar thermal power projects have been commissioned under
      the bundling scheme. Under the 100 SPV power plants, 78 projects were selected to set up 98
      MW capacity projects from 12 states. Against this, 71 projects of total capacity 90.80 MW have
      been connected to grid. A Payment Security Mechanism involving a revolving fund of ₹ 486
      crore has been put in place to ensure timely payments to developers in the event of delays/
      defaults in payments by the purchasing state utilities to NVVN.
      Solar Cities Programme
            Under Development of Solar Cities Programme the Ministry assists municipal corporations
      and urban local bodies in preparation of a Master Plan for increasing energy efficiency and
      renewable energy supply in the city.
            The Ministry of Coal (MoC) has the overall responsibility of determining policies and
      strategies in respect of exploration and development of coal and lignite reserves, sanctioning of
      important projects of high value and for deciding all related issues. These key functions are
      exercised through its public sector undertakings, namely Coal India Limited (CIL) and Neyveli
      Lignite Corporation Limited (NLC) and Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL), a joint
      sector undertaking of Government of Telangana and Government of India with equity capital in
      the ratio of 51:49.
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      Coal Reserves
            308.802 billion tonnes of coal reserves have been estimated by the Geological Survey of
      India. The reserves have been found mainly in Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal,
      Madhya pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra.
      Lignite Reserves
            The lignite reserves in the country have been estimated at around 44.59 billion tonnes by the
      Geological Survey of India. The major deposits are located in Tamil Nadu, followed by
      Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and union territory of Puducherry.