The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is concerned with exploration and production of
      oil and natural gas (including import of liquefied natural gas), refining, distribution and
      marketing, import, export and conservation of petroleum products.
           Energy is a key driver of economic growth. Efficient, reliable and affordable energy is
      essential for the sustainable development and inclusive growth of the overall economy. Due to
      rapid economic expansion, India has become world’s fastest growing energy market. India
      surpassed Russia to become the 3rd largest energy consumer in the world after China and USA
      during 2015. Oil and gas accounted for around 35 per cent share in India’s energy consumption.
      In fact, India surpassed Japan to become 3rd largest oil consumer in the world after US and China
      during 2015.
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      Production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas
           The crude oil production for 2017-18 was at 35.68 million metric tonnes (MMT) as against
      production of 36.01 MMT in 2016-17, showing a marginal decline of about 0.9 per cent, Natural
      gas production during 2017-18 at 32.649 billion cubic meters (BCM) registered 2.35 per cent
      increase over production of 31.8970 BCM in 2016-17.
      Refining Capacity
           Indian refinery industry has done well in establishing itself as a major player globally. India,
      which is second largest refiner in Asia after China, is emerging as a refinery hub with refining
      capacity exceeding demand. The country’s refinery capacity has increased to 247.57 MMTPA in
      April 2018.
      Production and Consumption of Petroleum Products
           The production of petroleum products was at 254.40 MMT in 2017-18 as against 243.55
      MMT achieved in 2016-17, showing an increase of about 4.46 per cent. During 2017-18, the
      consumption of petroleum products was 204.92 MMT registering a growth of 5:31 per cent as
      compared to consumption of 194.60 MMT during 2016-17.
      Import of Crude Oil
           Import of crude oil during 2017-18 was 220.43 MMT valued at ₹ 5,65,951 crore as against
      import of 213.93 MMT valued at ₹ 4,70,159 crore in 2016-17 which marked an increase of 3.04
      per cent in quantity terms and 20.37 per cent in value terms as compared to the import of crude
      oil during 2016-17.
      Imports and Exports of Petroleum Products
           During 2017-18 imports of petroleum products were at 35.89 MMT valued at ₹ 86,946
      crore which showed decline of 1.09 per cent in quantity terms and 21.49 per cent increase in
      value terms against 36.29 MMT imports of petroleum products valued at ₹ 71,566 crore during
      2016-17. During 2017-18 exports of petroleum products were 66.76 MMT valued at ₹ 2,25,139
      crore which shows an increase of 1.91 per cent in quantity terms and 15.52 per cent value terms
      against the exports of 65.51 MMT valued at ₹ 1,94,893 during 2016-17.
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