enter into Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).
      Relevant Website: www.powermin.nic.in
      Power Generation
           The electricity generation target for the year 2017-18 was fixed at 1229.4 Billion Unit (BU).
      The actual generation during (April-December, 2017 has 906.2 BU, registering a growth of 3.8
      per cent over the generation of 873.1 BU during the corresponding period last year.
      Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana
           Government of India launched a new scheme namely Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti
      Yojana (DDUGJY) with the following objectives (a) to separate agriculture and non-agriculture
      feeders for judicious rostering of supply to agricultural and non-agricultural consumers in rural
      areas; (b) strengthening and augmentation of sub transmission and distribution infrastructure in
      rural areas; (c) metering in rural areas (feders, distribution transformers and consumers). The
      erstwhile rural electrification scheme was subsumed in DDUGJY as a separate rural
      electrification component and the approved outlay of the erstwhile scheme has been carried
      forward to the DDUGJY.
      Saubhagya - Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana
           To achieve universal household electrification in the country by March, 2019, Government
      launched Saubhagya scheme with total cost of ₹ 16,320 crore including gross budgetary support
      of ₹ 12,320 crore during the entire implementation period. The scope of the Scheme includes:
      providing electricity connections to all un-electrified households in rural areas. APL households
      will get electricity connections on payment of ₹ 500 (which is payable is 10 instalment in the
      electricity bill); providing Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) based standalone system for un-electrified
      households located in remote and inaccessible villages / habitations, where grid extension is not
      feasible or cost effective; and providing electricity connections to all remaining economically
      poor un-electricied households in urban areas.
      Integrated Power Development Scheme
           In order to provide impetus to strengthening of power distribution sector in urban area,
      Ministry of Power, launched Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) in 2014 with
      following components: (i) strengthening of sub-transmission and distribution network in urban
      areas; (ii) metering of distribution transformers/feeders/consumers in urban areas; (iii) IT
      enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network.
      UDAY—Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana
           UDAY Scheme was launched in 2015 for a sustainable solution to the operational and
      financial inefficiencies of DISCOMs across the country, through targeted interventions in the
      form of lower interest costs, reduction of cost of power, increased revenues and improved
      operational efficiencies.
           UDAY is voluntary scheme for participation and 26 states and 1 union territory have joined
      the scheme. The scheme is being monitored by an inter-ministerial committee and a state level
      committee. A portal (www.uday.gov.in) has been developed for ease of data entry by
      states/DISCOMs. This portal provides basic analytics and progress of performance of various