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      Training Programmes
            DGR is entrusted with the responsibility of preparing retiring/retired service personnel for a
      second career. These resettlement courses are selected with a focus on employability of ESM in
      Officers’ Training: For training of ESM (Officers), the Resettlement Training Programmes are
      conducted including 24 Weeks Management Courses at IIMs and other reputed B-Schools,
      Modular Management courses like Project Finance, Academic Institutions, Supply Chain, Retail,
      Human Resource, Facility, Export & Import, Event Six Sigma, Jet Transition and Seafaring, etc.
      at other reputed institutes. Besides, specially designed six week course on Corporate Security
      and Safety have been in existence for officers looking to venture into self employment fields
      such as security agencies. 60 per cent course fee is paid by DGR. Widows of officers are also
      eligible to undergo these courses.
      JCOs/OR and Equivalent Training: For JCOs/ ORs and equivalent, the training courses are
      conducted for a duration upto one year in diverse fields, such as Security, Fire and Industrial
      Safety, Computer and IT including ‘O’ Level, Hospitality, Tourism, Agri based, Business
      Management, Modular Management, Vocational and Technical, Medical & Healthcare and
      Library and Information Science, etc. These courses are also run at reputed institutes of
      accreditation. Cent per cent course fee is paid by DGR. Widows/one dependent of JCOs/OR are
      also eligible to undergo any course sponsored by DGR. ESM are now also entitled to apply for
      regular DGR training which are not fully subscribed by retiring personnel. The move of allowing
      ESM to attend regular DGR courses is aimed to benefit all those ex-servicemen who have not
      done any resettlement course in the past and are desirous to do these courses to hone their skill.
      At least two courses are planned every month at all the Regimental Centres to provide variety of
      courses to the retirees on pension drill.
      ESM Training: Under this scheme, funds are allotted to RSBs for conducting vocational training
      for ESM in their states. The scheme is primarily meant for those ESM who could not avail the
      facility of resettlement training while in service.
      Employment Opportunities
      Reservation in Government Jobs: The Central Government has provided for the following
      reservation for ESM for vacancies in the posts to be filled by direct recruitment: (a) 10 per cent
      in Group ‘C’ posts and 20 per cent in Group ‘D’ posts. In addition 4.5 per cent reservation in
      each category is meant for disabled soldiers and widows/dependents. (b) 14.5 per cent in Group
      ‘C’ and 24.5 per cent Group ‘D’ posts in PSUs and nationalised banks. (c) 10 per cent posts up to
      Assistant Commandants in paramilitary forces. (d) cent per cent in Defence Security Corps.
      Implementation of Reservation: The Government has designated Directorate General
      Resettlement as Nodal agency for the monitoring implementation of reservation policy for ESM.
      Half yearly report for the period ending June 30, 2015 has been compiled based on data received
      from various organisations.
      Jobs in the Corporate/Private Sector: Substantial employment for ESM can be generated in the
      Private/Corporate sector. In order to generate awareness and urge these sectors to employ ESM,
      a National Corporate Conclave was conducted by DGR in August 2014 where the competence of
      the ESM were presented to Corporate Heads and the Raksha Mantri urged them to open the