also manufactures bio medical implants for the needy patients.
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      Directorate General of Quality Assurance: Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) is
      responsible for quality assurance of all defence stores and equipments, both indigenous as well
      as imported for the army, navy (excluding Naval Armaments) and common user items for the air
      force procured from ordnance factories, public sector undertakings and private sector. It has a
      vital role to play in defence preparedness of the country. DGQA carries out detailed technical
      evaluation of weapons and equipment before these are inducted in the Army. There is a paradigm
      shift in role of DGQA from quality audit to quality management and process audit of the
      manufacture with a view that a controlled system would give quality product automatically.
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      Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance:
            Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA) is the quality assurance
      (QA) regulatory authority for military aviation stores for IAF, army aviation, naval aviation and
      Indian Coast Guard. It provides QA coverage to military aircraft, helicopter, associated
      accessories, air armaments, unmanned aerial Vehicles (UAV), missiles, etc. during design,
      development, production, overhaul, repair, up-gradation and modification at various defence
      PSUs, ordnance factories, DRDO labs, oil refineries, private trade firms, etc. DGAQA also plays
      vital role in technical evaluation, field trials, pre-dispatch inspection (PDI) during foreign
      procurement of military aviation stores.
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      Directorate of Standardization
            The Directorate of Standardization (DoS) came into existence in 1962 to contain
      proliferation of defence inventory of the three services and to reduce it to optimum level by
      establishing commonality in equipment/components which is progressively achieved through
      formulation of varied standardisation documents, codification of items and entry control.
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      Directorate of Planning and Coordination
            The Directorate of Planning and Coordination, an attached office of Department of Defence
      Production, was established in 1964. The Directorate is primarily mandated to promote
      indigenization in defence sector through various enabling policies viz-‘Make in India’ initiative,
      liberalization of FDI Policy / Industrial licensing policy, providing level playing field to private
      sector and giving preference to procurement from indigenous route. The Directorate is
      responsible to maintain and update the ‘Make in India1 portal on Defence website. The
      Directorate strives to foster international cooperation in defence sector and boost export of
      defence equipment to other countries. In addition, the Directorate renders advice from DDP’s
      perspective on capital acquisition proposals of Service Headquarters and also plays significant
      role in streaming of Defence Procurement Procedure (DDP). The Directorate is also playing key
      role in the ongoing modernisation of Shipyards.