It is a tri-services organisation open to school and college students. It has completed 69 years of
      its existence. The NCC strives to provide the youth of the country opportunities for all round
      development with a sense of commitment, dedication, self-discipline and moral values, so that
      they become responsible citizens and can take their place in all walks of life in the service of the
      nation. The motto of NCC is “Unity and Discipline”. The total sanctioned strength of NCC
      cadets is 15 lakh. This includes two lakh NCC cadet strength sanctioned in the year 2010 that is
      being absorbed in five phases @ 40,000 cadets per year. NCC’s presence extends to 703 out of
      716 districts in the country covering 16,288 institutions.
            The enrolment policy of Senior Division/Senior Wing cadets has been changed from 2 years
      to 3 years. It would result in improvement in training standards and quality output of cadets.
      NCC has been introduced as an additional/elective subject in Class X and XII. This would make
      NCC more attractive and cadets would be able to score credit points in their academic results.
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      Sainik Schools
            The Sainik Schools were established as a joint venture of the central and state government.
      These are under the overall governance of Sainik Schools Society. At present, there are 26 Sainik
      Schools located in various parts of the country. The objectives of Sainik Schools include
      bringing quality public school education within the reach of the common man, all round
      development of a child’s personality and to remove regional imbalance in the officer’s cadre of
      the Armed Forces. The Sainik Schools have shown an upward trend in the number of cadets
      joining the National Defence Academy in keeping with the primary aim of establishing of Sainik
      Schools to prepare boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National
      Defence Academy.
      Rashtriya Military Schools
            There are five Rashtriya Military Schools in the country at Belgaum and Bengaluru in
      Karnataka, Chail in Himachal Pradesh and Ajmer and Dholpur in Rajasthan. These schools are
      CBSE affiliated fully residential public schools which function under the aegis of Ministry of
      Defence. Boys are admitted in class VI and IX based on the results of Common Entrance Test.
      70 per cent seats are reserved for wards to JCOs/ORs of Army, Navy and Air Force (including
      ex-servicemen) and balance 30 per cent for wards of officers of Army, Navy and Air Force
      (including retired officers) and wards of civilians. A total of 50 seats are reserved for wards of
      service personnel killed in action. 15 per cent and 7.5 per cent seats are reserved for SC and ST
      respectively in all categories.
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      Rashtriya Indian Military College
            Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) was established in 1922 with the objective of
      providing necessary preliminary training for boys of Indian birth or domicile, wishing to become
      officers in the Armed Forces of India. The institution now serves as a feeder institute to the
      National Defence Academy. Selection for RIMC is through an All India Entrance Examination
      comprising a written examination and viva voice. Seats for different States are reserved based on
      population. The college admits boys in class VIII. 25 cadets are admitted in each term twice a