there are three Mid-career Training Programmes at specific intervals for all cadres/categories of
            The Department has well established training infrastructure. The following training
      institutes take care of training needs of the Department: Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal
      Academy (RAKNPA) at Ghaziabad is the apex training institute of the Department recognized
      by the DoP&T as a Central Training Institute for higher managerial cadres. This imparts
      induction as well as in-service training to the officers of Indian Postal Service and other
      managerial cadres of India Post. It also imparts training to managers of foreign postal
      administrations and officers of various central government departments and PSUs, in areas of
      common interest. The Academy conducts ‘Executive Development Programme’ (EDP),
      ‘Management Development Programme’ (MDP) and ‘Advanced Development Program’ (ADP).
      For the officers of Indian Postal Service.
            Postal Training Centres (PTCs) are functioning at Darbhanga, Guwahati, Madurai, Mysore,
      Saharanpur and Vadodara for training operative staff and inspectorial cadres. Besides, these also
      organize other specialized training programmes. These six training centres have well equipped
      computer labs, classrooms and hostel facilities to take care of the bulk of the training needs of
      operative staff of the Department.
      Public Grievances
      Computerised Customer Care Centres
            The Department has a well laid out procedure for handling public grievances for its
      services. A monitoring mechanism to ensure the quality of services and prompt redressal of
      public grievances is in place.
            The Department has upgraded its web-based grievance handling system to interconnect the
      Customer Care Centres with the objective of systematic handling and quick redressal of public
      grievances. In 2010, the modified version of Computerized Customer Care Centre (CCCC)
      software was made operational. New features such as automatic generation of acknowledgement;
      escalation of unresolved complaints to next higher administrative level for better monitoring and
      quicker redressal; differentiation of complaints into minor, major or critical; automatic
      generation of reply to the complainant on completion of inquiry; provision for feedback of
      complainant; etc., were also incorporated.
            Presently 19201 CCCC have been established in the post offices, sorting hubs, speed post
      centres and divisional/regional/circle headquarters across the country for online exchange of
      information amongst all the units for speedy redressal of public grievances. The network covers
      all head post offices in the country with the objective of providing easy and speedy access to
      information and help required by the customers, apart from the redressal of grievances.
      Social Media Cell
            Social Media Cell is an independent entity and deals with the twitter and facebook accounts
      of the Department of Posts. The social media complaints are time bound and are replied within
      24 hours. The social media cell monitors the complaints sent to all the circles on daily basis. Till
      July 2018, the Department received 1,06,096 grievances on Twitter Seva and observed a
      resolution rate of 99.6 per cent.