areas like painting, literature, science, music, social upliftment, etc., have also been portrayed on
      commemorative stamps.
            In keeping with their dual character as a ‘Token of Postage’ and as ‘Cultural Ambassador’,
      there are two categories of stamps viz., definitive and commemorative postage stamps. The
      definitive postage stamps are meant for day-to-day use as a token of payment of postage on mail
      articles. These incorporate less complicated design inputs, entailing minimum expenditure in
      their manufacture, and are printed in large quantities, over longer periods. On the other hand the
      commemorative postage stamps are designed and printed with greater aesthetic inputs. These are
      manufactured in limited quantities and generate great interest among philatelists and collectors.
            The philatelic activities of the Department include: designing, printing, distribution and sale
      of commemorative postage stamps through philatelic bureaux and counters, e-post office, etc.,
      designing, printing and distribution of definitive postage stamps and items of postal stationery
      like envelopes, Inland letter card, postcard, aerogram, registered cover, etc., promotion of
      philately and conduct and monitoring of Philatelic exhibitions; maintenance of the National
      Philatelic Museum, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi.
      Release of Stamps
            A total of 50 issues were released during April, 2017 to March, 2018 commemorating
      various personalities, events/ occasions. Some of the significant commemorations were —Caves
      of Meghalaya, Vulnerable Birds, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Indian Cuisine, Nest Stepwells, Hand
      Fans, Solar System, Headgears of India, Champaran Satyagraha Centenary. Ramayana Stamps
      were released simultaneously in 40 countries through Indian Missions abroad.
      My Stamps
            My Stamps are personalized sheets of postage stamps of India Post. Personalization is
      achieved by printing a thumb nail photograph image of the customer and logos of institutions, or
      images of artwork, heritage buildings, famous tourist places, historical cities, wildlife, other
      animals and birds, etc., alongside the selected commemorative postage stamp.
      Personalized My Stamp
            Personalized My Stamp is a personalized sheet of postage stamps. Alongside these
      personalized theme stamps, the customers may opt for printing of their own, parents, family, etc.,
      pictures to be printed. Some of the themes of personalized My Stamps are Taj Mahal, Hawa
      Mahal, Mysore Palace, Indian Army, rose, happy anniversary, Vaishno Devi.
      Customized My Stamps
            Customized My Stamps is a personalized sheet of postage stamps wherein corporates
      organizations and institutions can get customized sheets printed from India Post. Alongside these
      customized themed stamps, the organizations may opt for printing of their logo, images of their
      organisation/institute printed.
      Training Activities
            Department of Posts has framed the Postal Training Policy, 2012 in conformity with the
      National Training Policy, 2012 of Government of India. The key objective of this Policy is
      “Training for All”. Training programmes are available at the entry level (induction training) and