member countries. The purpose of the APPU is to extend, facilitate and improve closer postal
      relations among member countries and to promote cooperation in the field of postal services
      within the Asia-Pacific region.
      Mail Network Optimization Project
            Mail Network Optimization Project (MNOP) was undertaken by the Department with the
      objective of consolidation and optimization of its Mail Network with a view to improve quality
      of mail operations by streamlining core mail operations. The project covers Speed Post,
      International Mail, First class mail and second class mail.
            MNOP project has been implemented in the entire country comprising 23 postal circles. The
      benefits to citizen are—improved delivery performance of Speed Post, increased number of
      Speed Post articles having end-to-end (both booking and delivery) information on Department of
      Posts website (tracking system).
      Dedicated Road Transport Network
            Based on the need for providing safe, secure and faster transmission of parcels particularly
      e-commerce consignments, the Department has set up a dedicated road transport network for
      transmission of parcels. Under the initiative so far, a total of 42 routes in 17 circles have been
      made functional connecting 67 cities across the country. Besides, 2 long haul routes have been
      identified under the plan scheme.
      Postman Mobile App
            An android based Mobile Application named Postman Mobile App (PMA) designed and
      developed in-house by the Department at the Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology,
      (CEPT) Mysuru, has been launched across the country deploying more than 15000 smart phones.
      The mobile app is being used by the delivery staff for delivering various accountable articles
      such as Speed Post, Express Parcel, Business Parcel and Regd. Post, including CoD parcels and
      capturing real time delivery information. The app has the provision of taking the signature of the
      same prior to the introduction of the application and hence improves overall customer experience
      and delivery performance. The Department is now in the process of procuring 38000 more smart
      phones for its delivery staff.
            Philately is the hobby of collecting stamps as well as the study of postal history and other
      related items. It is a mode of commemorating, celebrating and promoting national heritage,
      culture, events and personalities. Postage Stamps are pictorial ambassadors. They are a statement
      of sovereignty of a nation.
            After independence, the medium of postage stamps was initially used to highlight the
      country’s achievements in science and technology as well as its socio economic development by
      depicting themes like Five Year Plans, steel plants, dams, etc. Subsequently, the country’s rich
      cultural and natural heritage came to be showcased and many beautiful stamps were issued in
      thematic sets on art, architecture, crafts maritime heritage, science, technology, defence, and
      cinema. Great leaders of national and international standing have also been honoured with
      commemorative stamps, the most important being Mahatma Gandhi. The Father of the Nation
      has been honoured with commemorative as well as definitive stamps. Personalities of repute in