opportunities and to provide a fast, safe and economical solution of collection of amount of
      goods at the time of its delivery and its remittance to sender, Cash on Delivery facility was
      introduced in 2013 and is available to the contractual customers of Express Parcel, Business
      Parcel and Speed Post.
      Logistics Post
            Logistics Post was started to provide distribution solutions to the corporate customers and it
      has created a niche market in providing express logistics services with a large network in the
      country. As a part of Supply Chain solution, Full Truck Load (FTL) services, Less Than Truck
      Load (LTL) services, warehousing services, order processing and fulfilment services and reverse
      logistics services are being provided by Department of Posts under Logistics Post. There is no
      upper weight limit for Logistics Post consignment and the minimum chargeable weight is 50 kg
      if consignments are sent through surface. In case Logistics Post consignments are sent by air,
      minimum chargeable weight is 25 kg.
            Logistics Post Air service has started from 2013 linking following 15 cities: Agartala, Delhi,
      Mumbai, Kolkata, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Imphal,
      Guwahati, Patna, Lucknow, Thiruvananthapuam.
      Business Posts
            A lot of pre-mailing activities like folding, inserting, franking, addressing and pasting, etc.,
      are required to be completed before a mail article is posted. Large organizations were finding it
      difficult to carry out these pre-mailing activities, Department of Posts introduced ‘Business Post’
      service in 1996 to offer a comprehensive solution to corporate/government organizations/PSUs
      and other corporate houses for their pre-mailing requirements. Besides bringing in additional
      revenue, this activity is meeting the need of corporate and bulk mail customers. Business Post
      services are available in Business Postal Centres at various major post offices across the country.
      The services include home/ office collection, inseartion, sealing, addressing, franking, special
      handling, etc.
      Media Post
            India Post offers a unique media concept to help the Indian corporate and the government
      organizations reach potential customers through Media Post. No other medium can match the
      sheer expanse of India Post in terms of volume and reach. Media Post offers a range of
      advertising mediums such as letter boxes, postal stationery, postal premises, etc.
      Direct Post
            With the increasing commercial activity in the country, the need for direct advertising of
      products and services by the business organizations is growing. Direct Mail, which can be
      defined as printed matter usually carrying a sales message or announcement designed to elicit a
      response from a carefully selected consumer or business market is the most potent medium for
      direct advertising. In the advanced countries, Direct Mail now constitutes a pre dominant portion
      of mail traffic handled by postal administrations. Direct mail can be both addressed as well as
            Direct Post is the un-addressed component of Direct Mail in India, and would comprise un-
      addressed postal articles like letters, cards, brochures, questionnaires, pamphlets, samples,