National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) was set up following ratification by India of
      the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). Four working groups have been set up to focus on (i)
      infrastructure, (ii) legal issues, (iii) outreach and (iv) time release study. Further, the National
      Trade Facilitation Action Plan (NTFAP) drawn out in consultation with the stakeholders,
      identifying 76 trade facilitation measures with implementation timelines of which 51 are TFA-
      plus activities. Under TFA category ‘B’ items, efforts are being made to expedite implementation
      of these measures within 3 years, in advance of the envisaged 5 years. Comprehensive IT-based
      system called Export Data Processing and Monitoring System (EDPMS) for monitoring of
      export of goods and software and facilitating authorised dealer banks to report various returns
      through a single platform developed by RBI. 24x7 Customs clearance facility has been extended
      to all Bills of Entry at 19 sea ports and 17 air cargo complexes.
      State-of-Art Trade Analytics
            A state-of-art trade analytics has been put in place in Directorate General of Foreign Trade
      (DGFT) for data based policy actions. This initiative envisages processing trade information
      from Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics and other national and
      international data bases related to India’s key export markets and identifying specific actions.
      Exploring new export markets focus is on increasing India’s exports in under and un-tapped
      markets in high potential regions like Africa, to cover not just trade in goods and investment but
      also in capacity building, technical assistance and services such as healthcare and education.
      Sectors like agro processing, manufacturing, mining, textiles, consumer goods, infrastructure
      development and construction are be focus areas. Greater engagement with Latin America and
      the Caribbean region, including encouragement of project exports through easy access to credit
      Exploring New Export Products
            Focus on increasing exports of products which have become important in the world trade of
      late, in recognition of the fact that 70 per cent of India’s exports involve products whose share in
      the total world exports is only 30 per cent. Focus will be on promising product groups like
      medical devices/equipment, technical textile, electronic component, project goods, defence and
      hi-tech products in addition to labour intensive and MSME products like agricultural, marine,
      carpets, leather, Ayush and health, textiles and ready made garments, handloom, handicrafts,
      coir, jute products, diamond, gold and jewellery. Focus on agricultural exports for increasing
      farmers’ income is to be augmented. It is a stable and ‘open’ export policy for the long term.
      Creating cold chain and transport logistics facilities from the farm to the ports and airports.
      Promoting organic exports through appropriate policy interventions. Setting up credible and up-
      to-date organic export certification and accreditation programmes.
      Web Portals
            DGFT has launched an updated website making it more user friendly and easy to navigate.
      This website has a large dynamic component whereby the trade community can file applications
      online for IEC and various other schemes. Indian Trade Portal launched by the Department
      displays information useful for exports and imports. It contains the trade enquiries uploaded by
      Indian trade missions, tariff and trade data of India’s major trade partners, export market reports,
      and trade agreements, etc.