National Mission on Libraries
            National Mission on Libraries has been set up by Ministry of Culture, in 2012 in pursuance
      of National Knowledge Commission recommendations for sustained attention for development
      of libraries and information science sector.
            Its components are: creation of National Virtual Library of India; setting up of NML model
      libraries; quantitative and qualitative survey of libraries; capacity building. The purpose of
      National Virtual Library of India is to facilitate a comprehensive database on digital resources on
      information about India and on information generated in India, in an open access environment.
      Performing Arts
            The Ministry of Culture administers the following schemes:-
      Performing Arts Grants Scheme
            This is the flagship scheme of the Ministry in the field of performing arts. Under this
      scheme, financial assistance is provided to dramatic groups, theatre groups, music ensembles,
      children’s theatre and for all genres of performing arts activities. Under Repertory Grant,
      financial assistance in favour of a maximum of 1 Guru/Director and 25 Shisyas/Artistes may be
      provided to a cultural organization for a complete financial year. The existing rate of financial
      assistance to each Guru/Director is ₹ 10,000/- per month.
      Scheme for Cultural Organizations with National Presence
            To promote and support cultural organizations with national presence involved in promotion
      of art and culture throughout the country, this grant is given to such organizations which has a
      properly constituted managing body, registered in India having an all India character with
      national presence in its operation, adequate working strength and have spent ₹ 1 crore or more
      during 3 of the last 5 years on cultural activities. The quantum of grant under this scheme is ₹ 1
      crore to 5 crore. The grant is payable in two instalments i.e. 75 per cent and 25 per cent of the
      approved amount. The complete details regarding the scheme are available on the website of
      Ministry of Culture
      Scheme of Building Grants
            The objective of the scheme is to support voluntary cultural organizations and government-
      aided cultural organizations to augment their efforts to create cultural space viz, auditorium,
      appropriately equipped training, rehearsal and performance spaces for artistes etc. and also for
      purchase of equipment. Studio theatre is also a component under which small, innovative spaces
      for theatre and other performing arts could be created with 60 per cent government assistance
      (going up to ₹ 50 lakh in Metro cities and ₹ 25 lakh in other places). The complete details
      regarding      the    scheme     are    available     on    the   website     of    the    Ministry
      Tagore Cultural Complexes Scheme
            Tagore Cultural Complexes (TCC) is a revived and revamped version of erstwhile Multi
      Purpose Cultural Complexes Scheme. It was renamed on the 150th Birth Anniversary of
      Rabindranath Tagore. Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided for the setting up of