systemic reforms, an online dashboard has been developed. Systemic reforms and their
      monitoring metrics, catering to grievance issues are highlighted on the dashboard. This enables
      Cabinet Secretariat, DARPG and concerned ministries departments to monitor implementation of
      these reforms. From time to time the version of CPGRAM is being updated taking into account
      the problems faced by the citizens and the system itself. At present the version 6 of CPGRAMS
      is in operation from 2018 which provides for one time registration. It also enables the citizen to
      see all the grievances lodged by him and their status on a single screen.
            The Department also coordinates the Citizen Charter and Information and Facilitation
      Counters (IFCs) initiative of the government of India. With the objective of improving public
      service delivery and making governments citizen-centric, an assessment improvement
      framework called “Sevottam” has been developed Support is provided to ministries departments
      and also to state governments to introduce the Sevottam framework for better service delivery.
      Documentation and Dissemination
            The Documentation and Dissemination Division of the Department primarily carries out the
      activities of documentation and dissemination of good governance practices of centre,
      state/union territory governments with a view to share experience with each other and replicate
            Financial Assistance for professional documentation of good governance initiatives:- The
      objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance upto ₹ 3.00 lakh to support professional
      documentation and dissemination of good governance initiatives by the state/UT governments.
      So far eighty-two projects have been sanctioned. As per the revised scheme of providing
      financial assistance to the state governments/UT administrations the professional documentation
      report will now be in e-book form instead of paper documentation and a short documentary film
      shall also be made by the state/UT govt. with the financial assistance of ₹ 3.00 lakh.
            Production of Documentary Films on Best Practices:- The Department is engaged in
      producing documentary films on best practices across the country. These films are useful for
      administration and dissemination of success stories which facilitate replication of the same
      elsewhere. Seventy eight such documentary films have already been produced. These
      documentary films are available on the website of the Department as well as on YouTube.
            Regional Conference:- Regional conferences are organised on specific themes in association
      with various state/union territory governments with a view to bring national and state level
      organizations along with other stakeholders including NGOs, intelligentsia, media, etc. on the
      same platform to share experiences in the formulation and implementation of good governance
            Book on Best Practices:- This Division publishes a book containing articles on select award
      winning good governance practices. These articles are on the initiatives that have been conferred
      Prime Minister’s Award or National e-Governance Awards. This compilation is immensely
      useful for the administrators as the dissemination of success stories facilitates replication of the
      same elsewhere also. The Division has already published a series of books on the subject.
            Minimum Government – Maximum Governance:- Department of Administrative Reforms
      and Public Grievances is bringing out a periodical journal “Management in Government” (MIG)
      since 1969 and now renamed “Minimum Government – Maximum Governance” based on the
      best practices which were conferred Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public