Government Business in Parliament
            The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs is entrusted with coordinating, planning and
      arranging government business in both Houses of Parliament. In discharge of this function, he is
      assisted by two ministers of state. The minister also keeps close and constant contact with the
      presiding officers, the leaders as well as chief whips of various parties and groups in both Houses
      of Parliament.
      Consultative Committees
            Functioning of Consultative Committees of Members of Parliament for various ministries is
      one of the functions allocated to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs under the Government of
      India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. The minimum membership of a Consultative
      Committee is ten and the maximum membership is thirty. The Consultative Committee stands
      dissolved upon dissolution of every Lok Sabha and are re-constituted upon constitution of each
      Lok Sabha. 35 Consultative Committees attached to various ministries were constituted for 16th
      Lok Sabha and 96 meetings were held between June 2016 to May 2017
      Youth Parliament Competition
            In order to develop democratic ethos in the younger generation the Ministry conducts Youth
      Parliament Competitions in various categories of schools and colleges/universities. The ‘Youth
      Parliament Scheme’ was first introduced in the schools in Delhi in 1966-67. Kendriya
      Vidyalayas located in and around Delhi were incorporated into the ongoing scheme in 1978.
      Subsequently, a separate scheme of Youth Parliament for Kendriya Vidyalayas at the national
      level was launched in 1988. In 1997-98, two new Youth Parliament Schemes at the national
      level, one for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and the other for universities/colleges were
      All India Whips’ Conference
            The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, organises All India Whips’ Conference from time to
      time with the purpose of establishing suitable links among the whips of various political parties
      at the centre and the states/union territories who are concerned with the practical working of the
      legislatures to discuss matters of common interest and to evolve high standards to strengthen the
      institution of parliamentary democracy. Seventeen All India Whips’ Conferences have been
      organized so far since 1952.
      Special Mentions
            The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs takes follow-up action on matters raised under Rule
      377 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha and by way of Special
      Mentions in Rajya Sabha. After ‘Question Hour’ in Lok Sabha members raise matters of urgent
      public importance at 12.00 noon. In Rajya Sabha members raises matters of urgent public
      importance at 11.00 am. Though it is not mandatory, ministers often react to the points made by
      the members. In the absence of concerned minister, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs assures
      the House or the member that their sentiments would be conveyed to the concerned ministers.
      Implementation of Assurances
            The Ministry culls out from the printed daily proceedings, assurances, promises,
      undertakings, etc., given by ministers in both the Houses of Parliament, and forward them to the