originated in USA.                                                        Success Tip
   l Lok Sabha Speaker decides whether a particular     India has won the first-ever South Asian Regional
     bill is a Money Bill or not.                       Badminton Team Championship. In the title clash
   l Uttar Pradesh sends the maximum number of          played in Guwahati on 6th December 2017, India
     members to the Rajya Sabha.                        defeated Nepal, 3-0.
Economy                                                 Miscellaneous
   l DD is called a ‘banker’s cheque’.                      l Madhya Pradesh passed a bill awarding death
   l The place where bankers meet and settle their            penalty to those found guilty of raping minors in
     mutual claims and accounts is known as Clearing          December, 2017.
     House.                                                 l Union Government has framed a scheme for
   l Finance Ministry formulates fiscal policy.               setting up 12 special courts to fast track criminal
   l The Zero Base Budgeting in India was first               cases against tainted MP and MLA leaders.
     experimented from 1987.                                l India’s Manushi Chhillar won the coveted Miss
                                                              World 2017 crown. It was held in China.
   l In economic terms, the factors determine the
                                                            l “Non–Stop India” is written by Mark Tully.
     ‘Individual’s demand’ of a product/commodity are:      l Musical artist T. M. Krishna won the Indira Gandhi
     a. price of a commodity                                  Award for National Integration in October 2017.
     b. income of the consumer                              l ‘Festival of India’ was organized in Brazil from
     c. taste and Preference of consumer                      31 August to 9 September 2017.
Physics                                                     l MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) on state
                                                              water utility reform in India has been signed
   l Virtual image is always formed by a convex mirror.
                                                              between India and Israel in July 2017.
   l There is a circular coil having n turns. The field     l Insaniyat operation was launched by Indian
     produced is n times larger than produced by a            Government to help Rohingya refugees in
     coil of single turn.                                     Bangladesh.
   l Atomic energy is not an example of a biomass           l Servers are computers that provide resources
     energy source whereas wood, gobar gas and coal           which are connected to a network.
     are the examples of biomass energy.                    l 100101 is a binary number whereas 2341, 101C11
   l Density of water decreases when it freezes.              and 5F6034 are not the binary numbers.
Chemistry                                                            SSC Junior Engineer
   l Bronze is made of essentially copper and tin.
   l Incomplete combustion of a fuel gives poisonous     Held on: 29.01.2018 Evening Shift
     carbon monoxide gas.                               Ancient History
   l 7.0 is value of pH of a neutral solution.
                                                            l Terracotta ‘plough’ was found Banawali Harappan
   l Sodium hydroxide base is generally found in              site.
                                                            l Kalinga’s King Kharvela was associated with
Biology                                                       Mahameghavahana dynasty.
   l Bone gets majorly affected due to Vitamin D        Medieval History
                                                            l Persian traveller Abdur Razzaq came to India in
     Transport/organ of plants Purpose                        Deva Raya of Vijayanagara Empire.
  a. Stomata              Transpiration
                                                        Modern History
  b. Xylem                Transport of water
                                                            l Robert Clive introduced in diarchy system in
  c. Root hairs           Absorption of water
  d. Phloem               Transport of food
   l The process of fusion of the male and the female                          Success Tip
     gametes is called fertilisation.                   Major -General Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive,
   l Bacteria is in Monera group.                       Commander-in-Chief of British India, was a Biritish
   l Eyes must be removed within 6 hours after the      officer and privateer who established the military and
     death for eye donation.                            politcal supremacy of the East India Company in Bengal.
   l The agents of infection are physical contact,          l “All India Kisan Sabha” was founded in 1936 AD.
     vectors and water.
                                                                               Success Tip
                                                        All India Kisan Sabha (All India Peasants Union, also
   l Saudi Arab hosted a world chess tournament for
                                                        known as the Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha), was the
     the first time in year 2017.
                                                        name of the peasants front of the undivided
   l India won the first–ever South Asian Regional
                                                        Communist Party of India (CPI), an important peasant
     Badminton Team Championship. India defeated
                                                        movement formed by Sahajanand Saraswati in 1936.