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                   SSC CGL GENERAL AWARENESS Pointers
Modern History                                             do not have any regional rural bank.
  l The Vaikom Satyagraha (1924-25) was started in       l The short term government securities is called
    Kerala.                                                treasury bills.
                                                         l The first industrial policy of the Government of
                    Success Tip
                                                           India was announced at April 6, 1948.
Vaikom Satyagraha (1924–25) was a satyagraha
(movement) in Travancore, India (now part of Kerala)
against untouchability in Hindu society. The             l When the direction of motion of coil is
movement was centered at the Shiva temple at               perpendicular to the electromagnetic field, then
Vaikom, near Kottayam.                                     the value of induced current is maximum.
                                                         l Horizontal heat transfer within a environment
Geography and Environment                                  is called as advection.
  l The longest duration of the year happens on          l Time period of a pendulum will increases at the
    Neptune planet.                                        moon to that of on the Earth.
  l The normal rate of temperature rise with depth    Chemistry
    from the surface of the Earth to the interior of
                                                         l Solder is an alloy of lead and tin.
    the Earth is approximately 1°C per 32 meter.
                                                         l Iron rusts because of redox reaction.
  l The Meseta Plateau is located in Spain.
                                                         l A single product is formed from two or more
  l Duncan Pass is located between Southern                reactants in combination chemical reaction.
    Andaman and Little Andaman.                          l Formic acid is found in ant’s sting.
  l Arakan Yoma (a range of the Himalaya) is located
    in Myanmar.
                                                         l A person with hypermetropia cannot see nearby
  l Forest protects the soil from erosion.
                                                           objects clearly.
  l Plants and animals in a forest are dependent on
                                                         l Cobalt metal ion exists in Vitamin B12.
    one another.
                                                         l Water is transported through xylem in plants.
  l Forests influence the climate and water cycle.
                                                         l Mature ovary changes to fruit of the plants.
  l Soil helps forest to grow and regenerate.
                                                         l DNA and protein is present in a chromosome.
  l Cholera and Typhoid diseases are due to water
                                                         l Asthma patient can still donate eyes whereas
                                                           AIDS patient and acute leukemia patient cannot
  l Kigali agreement is 8th amendment to the               donate eyes.
    Montreal Protocol.                                   l The founder of vaccine for smallpox was Edward
  l Grass ® Rabbit ® Fox is grazing food chain.            Jenner.
Polity                                                Sports
  l Arrangement of entertainment is not a                l P.V. Sindhu defeated world champion Nozomi
    compulsory task of a state the compulsory tasks        Okuhara to win the women’s singles title of Korea
    of a state are:                                        Open Super Series on September 17, 2017.
    a. protection against external attacks
    b. management of money
                                                         l The name of digital portal launched by the Vice-
    c. tax collection
                                                           President of India for the teachers on September
  l “Political independence without economic
                                                           5, 2017 is DIKSHA.
    equality is an illusion” is said by G.D.H Cole.
                                                         l Andhra Pradesh has signed an agreement on 7
  l The “Forward Block” party was founded by
                                                           September 2017 with a US company to develop
    Subhash Chandra Bose.
                                                           India’s first Hyper-loop route.
  l The “Justice” described in the Preamble of Indian
                                                         l Rajiv Mehrishi was appointed as the Comptroller
    Constitution has been accepted in political
                                                           and Auditor General of India by the Union
    justice, economic justice and social justice.
                                                           Government on 31 August 2017.
  l According to the Constitution of India,
    Fundamental Rights is enforceable in the court.                         Success Tip
Economy                                               The Comptroller and Auditor -General of India is
  l Identical price is the characteristic of full     appointed by the President of India following a
    competition market.                               recommendation by the Prime Minister. On
  l The exponent of general principles of pricing is  appointment, he/she has to make an oath or
                                                      affirmation before the President of India.
  l Bihar, Rajasthan, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland        l “The Best Thing about You Is You” is written by
    have regional rural bank whereas Sikkim and Goa        Anupam Kher.