SSC Junior Engineer
  l The examples of exothermic reaction are:
    a. burning of natural gas
                                                         Held on: 25.01.2018 Evening Shift
    b. respiration                                      Ancient History
    c. the decomposition of vegetable matter into          l  Buddhism was divided into Mahayana and
    compost                                                   Hinayana during the reign of Kanishka ruler.
  l Silver chloride, silver bromide and silver iodide      l  Harappan site Lothal is thought to have direct
    are used in black and white photography.                  sea trade links with Mesopotamia.
  l Boron shows exception to the Octet rule.            Medieval History
  l Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture.                 l  Sultan Sikandar Lodhi of the Sultanate of Delhi
Biology                                                       transferred his capital from Delhi to Agra.
  l Beri-Beri disease is caused by deficiency of                              Success Tip
    Vitamin B.                                          Sikandar Lodi (died 21 November 1517), born Nizam
  l During heavy exercise, we get cramps in the legs    Khan, was the Sultan of Delhi between 1489 and
    due to the accumulation of lactic acid.             1517. He became the next ruler of the Lodi dynasty
                                                        after the death of his father Bahlul Lodi in July 1489.
  l Carbon monoxide in Hemoglobin has maximum
    affinity.                                           Modern History
  l Iris controls the amount of light entering the eye.    l  Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected the Congress
  l Common-cold, AIDS and dengue fever diseases               president after the end of the Tripuri crisis.
    are caused by virus whereas tuberculosis is caused     l  Ramsay Macdonald chaired first Round Table
    by bacteria.                                              Conference.
Sports                                                  Geography and Environment
  l Rafael Nadal defeated Kevin Anderson to win the        l  The Buxa Tiger Reserve is located in West Bengal.
    US Open 2017 Men’s Singles title.                      l  Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest not
                                                              only in India but in the world.
  l Pankaj Advani defeated Sourav Kothari to win
    the Asian Billiards Championship title in year         l  Doab term is used in India for a tract of land
    2017.                                                     lying between two consecutive rivers.
  l Sardar Singh has received Rajiv Gandhi Khel            l  The Nagarjuna Sagar project is constructed on
                                                              Krishna River.
    Ratna Award in August 2017.
                                                           l  The largest producer of cardamom in India is
Miscellaneous                                                 Kerala.
  l Madhya Pradesh became the first to shift to            l  Micro-organisms act upon the dead plants to
    January to December financial year.                       produce humus.
  l The name of satellite that was carried on-board        l  A species restricted to a given area is endemic
    PSLV-C40 rocket in ISRO’s historic 100th satellite        species.
    launch on 12 January 2018 is Cartosat-2F.              l  Special Climate change fund was established in
  l The ‘Malabar’ is a naval exercise between India,          2001.
    Japan and USA.                                         l  Food chain is Grass ® Insect ® Frog ® Snake
  l “India: The Future Is Now” is written by Shashi           Eagle.
    Tharoor.                                            Polity
  l The traditional festival of Losar 2017 was             l  The name of Madras State was changed to Tamil
    celebrated in Himachal Pradesh.                           Nadu in 1969.
  l India and Russia have signed comprehensive anti-       l  Dr Zakir Hussain has the shortest tenure as
    terror pact agreement in November 2017.                   Indian President.
  l The only country in the world whose flag is not a      l  Neelam Sanjiva Reddy was elected unopposed as
    square or rectangle is Nepal.                             the President of India.
  l The Data Structures perform an important role          l  Eighth (8th) Schedule of the Indian Constitution
    in program design.                                        is related to the languages of India.
  l The full form of ‘MAN’ in computer terminology         l  In the Constitution of India, promotion of
    is Metropolitan Area Network                              international peace and security is mentioned in
                                                              Directive Principles of State.