l Pygmalion Point is located near the Equator.          l Carbon, chromium, nickel and manganese
   l The Mettur Dam is located in Tamil Nadu.                elements are present in stainless steel.
     Convention/Protocol                Topic              l Ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and carbon
  a. Basel Convention                   Hazardous waste      monoxide are inorganic gas whereas methane is
                                        dumping              an organic gas.
  b. Montreal Protocol                  Ozone layer      Biology
  c. Kyoto Protocol                     Greenhouse gases   l Vitamin C is found in lemon.
   l Grazing food chain is Grass ® Rabbit ® Fox.           l The blood clot formed is due to presence of
Polity                                                       platelets.
   l The most important function of the legislature        l Bryophyllum can be produced by its leaves.
     is making laws.                                       l Sex of the baby depends on father chromosomes.
   l Right to life, Right to Religious Freedom and Right   l The change in focal length of an eye lens is caused
     to Education and Culture does come under social         by the action of the ciliary muscle.
     rights.                                               l Fungi do not perform photosynthesis.
   l Six (6) Zonal Councils are working in India at        l Monera are unicellular.
     present time.                                         l Fungi have cell wall.
   l Selecting Candidates for Election is not a work       l Minamata and Itai–Itai diseases are caused by
     of Election Commission works of Election                metal toxicity whereas Dermatitis disease is not
     Commission are:                                         caused by metal toxicity.
     a. allotment of election symbols                    Sports
     b. fixing of election dates                           l The women’s singles title of 2017 US Open on 9
     c. keeping the fairness of the election                 September 2017 was won by Sloane Stephens.
   l Maharashtra has bicameral legislature whereas       Miscellaneous
     Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal          l Lucknow became the ninth Indian city to have
     have unicameral legislature.                            its metro rail system on September 5, 2017.
Economy                                                    l Sunil Arora was appointed as the Election
   l Brick market can usually be kept in local market.       Commissioner in the 3-member Election
   l Expenditure on machines is a fixed cost.                Commission of India on 31 August 2017.
   l Entertainment tax on cinema is paid by audience.                        Success Tip
   l National Telecom policy was announced in 2012.      Om Prakash Rawat is the current Chief Election
   l HDFC Bank was declared a domestic–syste-            Commissioner and other Election Commissioners are
     matically important bank (D–SIB) by the Reserve     Sunil Arora and Ashok Lavasa.
     Bank of India on September 4, 2017.
                                                           l “The Freethinker’s Prayer Book: And Some Word
Physics                                                      to Live by” is written by Khushwant Singh.
   l The resistance of a metal conductor is directly       l The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in
     proportional to its length.                             October 2017 was won by Michael W. Young,
   l While moving from one end to another end inside         Michael Rosbash and Jeffry C. Hall.
     a solenoid, its magnetic field remains same.          l Australian Art Gallery has agreed to return a 2000
   l Concave mirror would be best suited for use in a        years old Buddha idol to India.
     solar cooker.                                         l An agreement for a culture exchange program for
   l Silicon is semiconductor.                               the year 2017–2020 was signed between India and
Chemistry                                                    Turkey in May 2017.
   l Ionic compounds have high melting and boiling         l India gave Rs 35 crores to children of freedom
     points.                                                 fighters in Bangladesh.
   l Carbon compounds are poor conductor of                l The most important advantage of an Integrated
     electricity.                                            Circuit is its extremely high reliability.
   l Carbon compounds have low melting and boiling         l The components of a CPU in a computer are
     point.                                                  control unit, arithmetic logic unit and register.
   l Seven (7) hydrogen atoms are present in

   l To neutralize too acidic soil, both quick and
     slaked lime is used.