Polity                                                    l Light sensitive cell gets activated upon
  l The first woman to be nominated as the member           illumination and generates electrical signal.
    of Rajya Sabha was Rukmini Devi Arundale.             l Brain and spinal cord constitutes the central
  l The Human Rights under Universal Declaration            nervous system in human body.
    of Human Rights are:                                Sports
    • Right to Education                                  l As per on 27 December, 2017, Indian Cricketer M
    • Right to Food                                         S Dhoni has recorded maximum sixes in
    • Right to equal access to public services              International One Day Cricket.
                                                          l Syed Shahid Hakim has received Dhyan Chand
  l Dr Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Patel and G V
                                                            Award in August 2017.
    Mavalankar were the member of the Constituent
    Assembly whereas Mahatma Gandhi was not a           Miscellaneous
    member of the Constituent Assembly.                   l Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Jharkhand states
  l Preamble describes India as a Secular State.            are covered in Namami Gange Programme.
  l In India, the concept of single citizenship is        l SAKSHAM is a centrally sponsored scheme to
    adopted from England (Britain).                         empower adolescent boys.
                                                          l Kumbh Mela–2018 was held in Allahabad.
Economy                                                   l “2014: The Election that Changed India” is
  l GDP is an indicator of the financial health of a        written by Rajdeep Sardesai.
    country.                                              l Chennai has been included in UNESCO’s creative
  l When workers move from one job to another job           cities network for contribution in music.
    it is known as Frictional Unemployment.               l India and USA have established new two–by–two
  l Debtor is most benefited from inflation.                ministerial dialogue in August 2017 for
  l Lakdawala Committee’s recommendations are               maintaining peace.
    being followed for estimating Poverty Line in         l India and Nepal will conduct joint tiger census
    India.                                                  using a globally recognized method for the first
  l The decimal system of currency was introduced           time.
    in India in 1957.                                     l Ubuntu, UNIX and Linux are the operating
Physics                                                     systems.
  l The phenomenon occurs due to refraction are:          l AND, OR and NAND are the logic gates.
    a. the apparent displacement of a pencil, partly                SSC Junior Engineer
        immersed in water
    b. sun appears before the sunrise
                                                         Held on: 24.01.2018 Evening Shift
  l R1 + R2 will be equivalent resistance of two        Ancient History
    resistors R1 and R2 when connected in series.         l The Harappan site “Manda” was situated on the
  l The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction             bank of Chenab River.
    is induced current in a coil due to relative motion   l Ninth Mandala of Rig Veda’s is completely
    between a magnet and the coil.                          dedicated to Soma. (also called as Soma Mandala)
  l Light waves are electromagnetic waves.              Medieval History
Chemistry                                                 l Mongols under Genghis Khan invaded India
  l In a reaction, the loss of hydrogen by substance        under Iltutmish reign.
    is called as oxidation.                             Modern History
  l Metal oxides are said to be basic oxides.             l “Back to the Vedas” statement was given by Swami
  l All acids have similar chemical properties.             Dayanand Saraswati.
  l Cheese is an example of colloidal solution of         l Lala Lajpat Rai was given the title of ‘Punjab
    liquid in solid.                                        Kesari’.
  l Hydrogen chloride is diatomic.                      Geography and Environment
Biology                                                   l Noonmati oil refinery is located near the mineral
  l Rickets is caused by deficiency of Vitamin D.           oil field.
  l During exhalation, the ribs move downwards.           l Chronological order of planets is correct as per
  l On an average 5 – 5.5 million Red Blood Cells           distance the increasing order from the Earth is
    are present in a healthy human adult man per            Venus > Mars > Mercury > Jupiter.
    mm3 of blood.                                         l Duration of the day and night on Earth are almost
  l A tadpole develops into an adult frog by                the equal at the Equator.
    metamorphosis process.                                l Local Wind Harmattan is also called “Doctor