l As per census 2011, Haryana had the lowest sex         come up in Andhra Pradesh.
     ratio.                                               l Girl Rising is a multilevel global campaign to
Physics                                                     spread awareness about importance of girl’s
   l The splitting of white light into its component        education.
     colours is called dispersion.                        l “A Better India: A Better World” is written by N.
   l Change in magnetic field produces induced              R. Narayan Murthy.
     current.                                             l The Nobel Prize for Chemistry in October 2017
   l Flow of current in a conductor produces magnetic       has won by Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank
     field.                                                 and Richard Henderson.
   l Magnetic field related to coil can be produced by    l 23 volumes of Vachana were released by Narendra
     motion between conductor and coil.                     Modi in April, 2017 on birth anniversary of social
                                                            reformer Basavana.
   l Hydrogen gas is used as a fuel in a rocket.
                                                          l In May 2017, India has signed an agreement on
   l Mercury, cadmium and Germanium is a good
                                                            Maritime Security with Mauritius.
     conductor Glass, on the other hand is an
                                                          l Bhutan measures prosperity by gauging its
                                                            citizens’ happiness level.
Chemistry                                                 l Data can be transmitted in both directions at
   l Mercury is a base metal of amalgam alloy.              same time in full duplex communication mode.
   l The structure of graphite is hexagonal.              l The computer program that converts assembly
   l If A wooden spoon is dipped in a cup of ice cream,     language to machine language is called assembler.
     Its other end will not become cold.
   l Tartaric acid is the most abundant acid found in              SSC Junior Engineer
     grapes.                                              Held on: 24.01.2018 Morning Shift
                                                        Ancient History
   l Vitamin A is the most abundant Vitamin found
                                                          l The founder of Nanda Dynasty was Mahapadma
     in carrot.
   l The rate of absorption of water through roots can
                                                          l The Greek ambassador Megasthenes was in the
     be increased by keeping the plants under the fan.
                                                            court of Chandragupta.
   l A spore producing plant is bread mould.
   l XY chromosome is responsible for manliness in      Medieval History
     man.                                                 l The Persian translation of “Mahabharata” done
   l The human eye forms the image of an object at          in Mughal period is known by Razmnama.
     its retina.                                        Modern History
   l Fungi, Spirogyra and Hydra are the multicellular     l Khudiram Bose tried to assassinate Kingsford in
     organism whereas paramecium is not a                   Muzzaffarnagar in 1908 AD.
     multicellular organism.                              l The first Indian to be elected as a member of the
                                                            British House of Commons was Dadabhai
                     Success Tip
Specialization in single-celled organisms exists at the
                                                        Geography and Environment
subcellular level; i.e., the basic functions that are
                                                          l Bahrain is known as ‘Island of Pearls’.
divided among the cells, tissues, and organs of the
                                                          l “Oder–Neisse Line” is a boundary between
multicellular organism are collected within one cell.
                                                            Germany and Poland.
Sports                                                    l Imaginary line Equator, located at zero degree
   l Suitable match between sportspersona nd their          latitude, divides the earth into northern and
     related sports                                         southern hemispheres.
     Sportsperson               Sport                     l Nathpa Jhakri hydel power project is located on
  a. Jitu Rai                   Shooting                    Sutlej River.
  b. P. V. Sindhu               Badminton                 l Kandla port is the first port that was developed
  c. Sakshi Malik               Wrestling                   after independence in Gujarat State.
  d. Deepa Karmakar             Gymnastic                 l In 1956, Minamata disease was caused by water
                                                          l Recycling is the best solution to get rid of non-
   l Historical monument Charminar has been chosen          biodegradable wastes.
     as a “Swachh Bharat Icon” by the Union
                                                          l Tree is most vulnerable to die during loss of its
     Government on November 21, 2017.
                                                            all leaves.
   l As per a recent announcement, India’s first
                                                          l Taiga is an example of forest ecosystem.
     Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) will