Geography and Environment                                    hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid.
  l The Ganga is known in Bangladesh by the name           l The mass of 4 mole of aluminum atoms is 108
    of Padma.                                                grams.
  l Maize, Rice, Arhar, Soyabean, Ragi and                 l Alpha particles were made to fall on a thin gold
    Groundnut are the Kharif crops but Wheat and             foil by Ernest Rutherford.
    Barley are the Rabi crops.                          Biology
  l Three (3) seismic stations are required to locate
                                                           l Vitamin K helps in clotting of blood.
    the epicenter of an earthquake.
                                                           l During heavy exercise, breathing rate in an average
  l Madhya Pradesh shares its border with 5 States.
                                                             adult person can increase upto 25 per minute.
  l Palghat joins Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
                                                           l The colour of human blood is red because of
  l The accumulation of non-degradable chemicals
    progressively at each trophic level is called
                                                           l Oviparous animal does not give birth to young
    biological magnification.
  l Taj Mahal is suffering from “Marble Cancer”
                                                           l Each sperm is single cell.
    because of sulphur dioxide.
                                                           l External fertilisation takes place in frog.
  l Cancer treatment is done by radon a noble gas.
  l Three (3) types of ecological pyramids are present     l Fertilisation is necessary in sexual reproduction
    in ecosystem. They are Pyramid of number,                but not necessary in asexual reproduction.
    biomass and Energy.                                    l Excessive curvature of the eye lens is the cause
                                                             of arise of myopia.
Polity                                                     l Worms multiplies very slowly in comparison to
  l Nagaland was created as separate state in 1963.          others.
  l Department of Economic Affairs is responsible
    for the preparation and presentation of Union
    Budget.                                                l Saba Karim has appointed as the General
  l Dr Sachchidananda Sinha presided over the                Manager of Board of Control for Cricket in India.
    inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly          l FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar.
    of India.                                           Miscellaneous
  l Bull, Horse and Four Lions were adopted from           l SABLA is a centrally sponsored scheme to
    the Maurya Dynasty in the emblem of                      empower adolescent girls.
    Government of India but Satyameva Jayate was           l “The Idea of Justice” is written by Amartya Sen.
    adopted from Mundokupnishad.                           l J.K. Rowling has been made Companion of
  l The first session of Constituent Assembly of India       Honour on December 12, 2017.
    was held in Delhi.                                     l 31st Surajkund International Crafts Mela held at
Economy                                                      Faridabad.
  l The BRICS bank is presently known by the name          l ONGC Videsh has got a two year extension to
    of New Development Bank (NDB).                           explore Vietnam’s Oil block-128 in the South
  l Parallel economy means Black Money.                      China Sea.
  l RBI implements monetary policy in India.               l The 5th India-Sri Lanka joint training exercise
  l The ARDC is a branch of the NABARD. The full             “Mitra Shakti 2017” was held in Maharashtra.
    form of ARDC is Agricultural Refinance and             l BIOS are non-volatile firmware and software
    Development Corporation.                                 stored on a small memory chip on motherboard.
  l Labour Court, Industrial Tribunal and Work             l ROM is non-volatile memory.
    Committee are the part of machinery that settles       l RAM is volatile memory.
    industrial disputes.                                   l Primary memory is volatile.
  l PFRDA regulates NPS.                                   l Secondary memory is non-volatile.
Physics                                                              SSC Junior Engineer
  l In a concave mirror if object is placed at centre
    of curvature, then image will be at the centre of    Held on: 23.01.2018 Evening Shift
                                                        Ancient History
  l Fuse is generally placed in series with the device.
                                                           l The term ‘Stupa’ is associated with death event
  l A rectangular coil of copper wire is rotating in a
                                                             of Gautam Buddha’s life.
    magnetic field. The direction of the induced
    current changes once in each half revolution.                             Success Tip
  l Noise is measured in decibel.                       Gautama Buddha was an ascentic and sage, on whose
Chemistry                                               teachings Buddhism was founded. He is believed to
  l Mercury remains in liquid form at room              have lived and taught mostly in the eastern part of
    temperature.                                        ancient India sometime between the 6th and 4th
  l Aqua Regia is a mixture of concentrated             centuries BCE.