Schedule               Item                         Biology
  a. Eighth Schedule         Languages                       l Vitamin C is a water soluble Vitamin.
  b. Second Schedule         Salaries of important offi-       Organism                       Source
                             cials                          a. Frog                           Lungs and skin
   c. Forth Schedule         Allocation of seats in Ra-     b. Leaves                         Stomata
                             jya Sabha                      c. Earthworm                      Skin
  d. Tenth Schedule          Defection related provisions    l There are four (4) chambers in human heart.
Economy                                                      l Chloroplast, cell wall and vacuole are present in
   l  Preliminary expenses are the example of deferred         a matured stomata but plasmodesma is not
      revenue expenditure. Deferred revenue expenses           present in a matured stomata.
      are those expenses, the benefit of which can be        l In case of hypermetropia, the focal length of the
      extended to a number of years say, 3 to 5 years          eye lens is too long.
      — (as per revised schedule VI).                        l Antibiotics are useful for infections of bacteria.
                      Success Tip                         Sports
Capital expenditure is the money a company spends            l The Summer Olympics will be held in 2028 in
to buy, maintain, or improve its fixed assets, such as         Los Angeles.
buildings, vehicles, equipment, or land.                                       Success Tip
   l  Bee-keeping economic activity can be included       The Summer Olympics 2020 will be held in Tokyo
      in primary sector but few examples of economic      and The Summer Olympics 2024 will held in Paris.
      activities which can be included in tertiary sector
                                                             l France has won the 2017 Davis Cup Tennis
      • working in a call-centre
      • tuition occupation                                Miscellaneous
      • banking                                              l ‘Nirvana Fund’ was set up by NSDC for financial
   l  Most of assets is owned by government in Public          help to ventures of selected candidates trained
      Sector Unit.                                             under PMKVY but did not get any job.
                                                             l ‘Nakul Swasthya Patra’ is a scheme by the
   l  India’s population is equivalent to 17.74% of the
                                                               Government for wellness of animals.
      total world population based on the 2017 census.
                                                             l Noamundi mine of India was in the news recently
   l  Eighth five year plan of India recognized human
                                                               for becoming the country’s first iron-ore mine to
      development as the core of development efforts.          have a solar plant for reducing carbon footprint.
                      Success Tip                                              Success Tip
Eighth Five Year Plan of India runs through the period
                                                          Noamundi is a census town in Keonjhar in the Indian
from 1992 to1997 with the main aim of attaining
                                                          state of Odisha. Tata Steel"s Noamundi iron mine
objectives like modernization of the industrial sector,
                                                          bagged the Most Innovative Environmental Project
rise in the employment level, poverty reduction, and
                                                          Award in the Biodiversity category under the theme
self-reliance on domestic resources.
                                                          of Green makes business sense.
Physics                                                      l “You are Unique” is written by Dr. A.P. J. Abdul
   l  The size of image formed is always equal to the          Kalam.
      size of object in plane mirror.
                                                             l The third Indian Council for Cultural Relations
   l  I2R, VI and V2/R terms does represent electrical
      power in circuit.                                        (ICCR) Distinguished Indologist Award for the
                                                               year 2017 was awarded to Japanese professor
   l  A positively charged particle projected towards
      west is deflected towards north by a magnetic            Hiroshi Marui.
      field. The direction of magnetic field is upward.      l Ahmedabad has become first Indian city to get
   l  Alpha particle, proton and helium nucleus are            UNESCO’s world heritage city tag.
      positively charged but electron is negatively          l  In June 2017, India and Portugal have signed a
      charged.                                                 protocol of co-operation in the field of archive.
Chemistry                                                    l India has signed an agreement to provide UDS
   l  In the modern periodic table metals, metalloids          318 million as line of credit for developing railway
      and non metals are found in p-block.
                                                               sector of Sri Lanka.
   l  Cinnabar is ore of Mercury.
   l  Mass of a hydrogen atom is 1837 time the mass          l Dot Matrix is a type of printer.
      of an electron.                                        l The secondary storage devices can only store data
   l  Polycot, polywool and terrycot are fabrics that          and cannot perform arithmetic operations, logic
      may contain polyester.                                   operations and fetch operations.