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                                                         The Blue Nile is one of the two major tributaries of
 Held on: 22.01.2018 Morning Shift                       the Nile. The other being the White Nile. The Blue
                                                         Nile supplies about 60% of the water in the Nile,
Ancient History                                          more than two-thirds in flood season.
   l The Chinese traveler ‘Sung Yun’ came to India in       l The 2017 report, which is the 15th state of forest
     518 AD.                                                  survey, on the basis of percentage of forest cover
Medieval History                                              with respect to the total geographical area —
   l ‘Odantpuri’ education center was situated in             Lakshdweep (90.33%) has the highest forest cover
     Bihar.                                                   followed by Mizoram (86.77%) and Andaman and
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Odantapuri was a Buddhist Mahavihara. It was                l With respect to the largest forest cover state —
established by the Pala Emperor Gopala I in the 8th           Madhya Pradesh has the largest forest cover of
century.                                                      (77.414 sq. km) in the country in terms of area,
                                                              followed by Arunachal Pradesh with (66.964 km)
   l The founder of Bahmani Kingdom was Hasan
                                                              and Chhattisgarh (55.547 sq. km).
                                                            l The Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi combines to
                      Success Tip                             form River Ganga at Devprayag.
The Bahmani Sultanate was a Muslim state of the                                Success Tip
Deccan in South India and one of the major medieval
Indian kingdoms. Bahmanid Sultanate was the first        The Ganga River is a trans-boundary river of Asia
independent Muslim kingdom in South India.               which flows through the nations of India and
Modern History                                              l Forestation is not responsible for water shortage
   l The Khilafat Movement begins in India during             but factors responsible for water shortage are:
     Lord Chelmsford rule.                                    • rapid growth of industries
   l Hasan Gangu : Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah, whose
                                                              • increasing population
     original name was Zafar Khan was the founder
                                                              • mismanagement of water resources
     of the Bahmani Sultanate, with its capital
                                                            l Carbon dioxide gas is major contributor to
     Gulbarga (Hasanabad).
                                                              greenhouse effect.
   l Blue Nile : The Blue Nile is one of the two major
                                                            l The major problems in development of resources
     tributaries of the Nile, the other being the while
                                                              are :
     Nile. The Blue Nile supplies about 60% of the
     water in the Nile, more than 2/3 in flood season.        • depletion of resources for satisfying the greed
                                                                 of few individuals.
                      Success Tip                             • Accumulation of resources in few hands which
The Khilafat movement (1919-1924) was an agitation               in turn, divided the society into rich and poor.
by Indian Muslims allied with Indian nationalism in           • Indiscriminate exploitation of resources
the years following World War I.                                 causing various global ecological crises such
   l Pandita Ramabai was the founder of Arya Mahila              as global warming, depletion of the ozone
     Samaj in the early 1880s.                                   layer, environmental pollution and land
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                                                            l Orchards, home aquarium and botanical gardens
The purpose of the Arya Mahila Samaj was to promote
the cause of women"s education and deliverance from           are the man made ecosystem but grassland is a
the oppression of child marriage.                             natural ecosystem.
Geography and Environment
                                                            l Rousseau is associated with “the concept of
   l Dasht-e-Kavir Desert is located in Iran.
                                                              political sovereignity”.
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Dasht-e Kavir, also known as Kavir-e Namak and
                                                         Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing
the Great Salt Desert, is a large desert lying in the
middle of the Iranian plateau.                           body over itself, without any interference from outside
                                                         sources or bodies.
   l Earth’s most internal layer is called “Barysphere”.
   l The Blue Nile River originates from Lake Tana.         l “A good citizen makes a good state and a bad
   l If you want to know which state has the largest          citizen makes a bad state” is said by Aristotle.
     forest covered area then certainly its madhya          l Panchayat Samiti at the block level in India is
     Pradesh. But in terms of percentage of covered           an Administrative Authority.
     area of forest in a state than Mizoram comes first     l According to Indian Constitution, Parliament
     with more than 80%.                                      decides the salary of members of Parliament.