librium is given by the point where the average
    revenue is zero.                                                 SSC CGL Tier-I Exam
  l The average variable cost curve is U shaped.               Held on: 22.08.2017 1st Shift
Physics                                                 Ancient History
  l An image formed by a concave mirror on a screen       l According to the categories of land mentioned in
    is called real image.                                    the Chola inscriptions Vellanvagai was known
  l The distance-time graph for the motion of an             as the land of non-Brahmana peasant propri-
    object moving with a constant speed is a Straight        etors.
    Line.                                               Medieval History
  l A nylon thread is actually stronger than a steel
                                                          l Sher Khan defeated Humayun at Chausa (1539)
    wire.                                                    and Kanauj (1540), forcing him to flee to Iran.
Chemistry                                               Geography and Environment
  l The process of depositing a layer of any desired      l Earth’s surface is covered with water around 70-
    material by means of electricity is called electro-      80%.
    plating.                                              l The method of soil conservation in which plough-
                                                             ing is done parallel to the contours of a hill slope
Biology                                                      to form a natural barrier for water to flow down
  l Plasma is a straw coloured, viscous fluid consti-        the slope is called contour ploughing.
    tuting nearly 55 percent of the blood.                l The salt concentration (measured as salinity in
  l Sexual production in Algae that takes place              parts per thousand), is 30-35% in sea.
    through fusion of two similar size gametes is         l Gol Gumbaz is located in Karnataka.
    called isogamous.                                                        Success Tip
  l Animals in which the cells are arranged in three    Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of maharaja
    embryonic layers are called tripoblastic.           Mohammed Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur. The tomb,
                                                        located in Bijapur, Karnataka in India, was completed
                                                        in 1656 by the architect Yaqut of Dabul.
  l India win Silver medal at Rio Olympics 2016 in
    Badminton.                                          Polity
                                                          l “Reserve Bank of India” is listed in the union list
                                                             given in the Seventh Schedule in the Constitu-
  l Array is a collection of data values of same types       tion of India.
    having a common name.                                 l Rajya Sabha can give the Union parliament power
  l The waterproof raincoat was invented by Charles          to make laws on matters included in the State
    Macintosh.                                               list.
  l In April 2016, amid rising tension over North       Economy
    Korea, China launched its first domestically built
    aircraft carrier.                                     l The Current Account balance is the sum of bal-
                                                             ance of merchandise trade, services and net trans-
                                                             fer received from the rest of the world.
                                                          l The relation between the consumer’s optimal
                                                             choice of the quantity of a good and its price is
                                                             very important and this relation is called the

                                                          l If an object moves in a circular path with uni-
                                                          form speed, its motion is called uniform circular
                                                          l The reflection formed by the plane mirror is lat-

                                                             eral inversion.

                                                          l Crystallisation is an example of Physical Change.