l Bangladesh shares its border with Myanmar be-                Novel                      Author
     sides India.                                             a. Accelerando                Charles Stross
Polity                                                        b. The Windup Girl            Paolo Bacigalupi
  l “Prevention of cruelty to animals” is listed in the       c. The Devil in Silver        Victor LaValle
     concurrent list given in the Seventh Schedule in       l In March 2017, “world’s largest artificial sun” was
     the Constitution of India.                               developed in Germany.
  l Lok Sabha makes law on matters included in                                Success Tip
     Union List and Concurrent List.
                                                         German scientists are switching on “the world’s larg-
Economy                                                  est artificial sun” in the hope that intense light
  l The demand for inferior good decreases with in-      sources can be used to generate climate-friendly fuel.
     crease in the consumer’s income.
  l Goods for which the quantity that a consumer                      SSC CGL Tier-I Exam
     chooses, increases as the consumer’s income in-           Held on: 21.08.2017 2nd Shift
     creases and decreases as the income decreases
     are called normal goods.                            Ancient History
Physics                                                     l According to the categories of land mentioned in
  l Energy in the form of heat is wasted when a               the Chola inscriptions Pallichchhandam was
     machine is operated. This heat is generated due          known as the land donated to Jaina institutions.
     to friction.                                        Medieval History
  l The incident ray, the normal at the point of inci-
     dent and the reflected ray all lie in the same         l Prince Khurram was the name of the future Em-
     plane.                                                   peror Shah Jahan.
                                                                              Success Tip
                                                         Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram better known
  l Blue Vitriol is another name of Copper Sulphate.     by his regnal name Shah Jahan was the fifth Mughal
  l The rubbing surface of a matchbox has powdered       emperor, who reigned from 1628 to 1658.
     glass and a little red phosphorus.
Biology                                                  Geography and Environment
                                                            l Landslide is defined as the mass movement of
  l Biological names are generally derived from Latin
     language.                                                rock, debris or earth down a slope.
  l The members of rhodophyceae are commonly                l The material carried by the glacier such as rocks
     called red algae.                                        big and small, sand and silt gets deposited, which
  l Aurelia (Medusa) and Adamsia (Polyp) are ex-              are called glacial moraines.
     amples of Coelenterata Phylum.                         l Mattancherry Palace is located in Kerala.
  l A few organisms can tolerate and thrive in a wide                         Success Tip
     range of temperatures. Such organisms are called    The Mattancherry Palace is a Portuguese palace popu-
     eurythermal.                                        larly known as the Dutch Palace, in Mattancherry,
Sports                                                   Kochi, in the Indian state of Kerala. It was built
                                                         around 1545 AD by the Portuguese as a present to
  l The FIFA Men’s World Cup to be held in the year
                                                         King Veera Kerala Verma.
     2018 to be hosted by Russia.
Miscellaneous                                            Polity
  l In Microsoft Word, Increase Indent allows us to         l “Population control and family planning” is listed
     move selected paragraphs to the right.                   in the concurrent list given in the Seventh Sched-
  l Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat scheme by the Cen-             ule in the Indian Constitution.
     tral Government will strengthen the bond be-           l Mandamus is issued when the court finds that a
     tween all the states, regions, and districts of In-      particular office holder is not doing legal duty
     dia.                                                     and thereby is infringing on the right of an indi-
  l Velcro was invented by George de Mestral.                 vidual.
  l An Indian military decoration awarded for valour,     Must Read                                Buy Today
     courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the
     battlefield is Ashok Chakra.
  l Novels and their related author