l The later (second) formed primary system elements
             SSC CGL Tier-I Exam                               are called metaxylem.
       Held on: 17.08.2017 3rd Shift                        l Animal belonging to Phylum Chordate is:
                                                               a. Notochord present
Medieval History                                               b. Pharynx perforated by gill slits.
                                                               c. A post-anal part (tail) is present
  l The Red fort in Delhi was the residence of em-
                                                            l There are two (2) vocal cords in the human voice
     perors of Mughal in the 16th century.
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The Red fort at Delhi was built by Shah Jahan on
the banks of river Yamuna from 12 May, 1639 – 6             l The host nation of 2014 FIFA World Cup was
April, 1648.                                                   Brazil.
  l Jama Masjid of Delhi was built by Shah Jahan.         Miscellaneous
Modern History                                              l Bal Swachtta Mission scheme was launched by
                                                               the Central Government to create awareness
  l During their rule the British persuaded or forced
                                                               about the cleanliness of the children.
     cultivators in Punjab to grow wheat.
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Geography and Environment                                 This scheme was launched on 125th birth anniver-
  l India has a land boundary of about 15200 km.          sary of first Prime Minister of India (i.e. 14th Novem-
  l The Patkal hills belong to Purvanchal mountain        ber, 2014), Jawaharlal Nehru.
     ranges.                                                l The colour photography was discovered by James
  l Any undesirable change in physical, chemical or            Clerk Maxwell.
     biological characteristics of air, land, water or      l Authors and their Novels
     soil is called pollution.                                     Novel                     Writer
  l Satluj Rivers flows from India to Pakistan.
                                                               a. Half of a Yellow Sun       Chimamanda Ngozi
Polity                                                                                       Adichie
  l Constituent Assembly of India was founded in               b. Middlesex                  Jeffrey Eugenides
     the year 1946.                                            c. Missile Gap                Charles Stross
  l Right to Constitutional Remedies in the Indian          l Linkedin was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 Bil-
     Constitution allows citizens to move the court if         lion.
     they believe that any of their fundamental Rights
     have been violated by the State.                                   SSC CGL Tier-I Exam
Economy                                                          Held on: 18.08.2017 1st Shift
  l In a market system, the central problems regard-
     ing how much and what to produce are solved          Medieval History
     through the coordination of economic activities        l The Mongols under Genghis Khan invaded
     brought about by price signals.                           Transoxiana in north-east Iran in 2018.
  l Law of variable proportions says that the mar-          l Indian Mughal paintings originated during the
     ginal product of a factor input initially rises with
                                                               rule of Humayun.
     its employment level. But after reaching a cer-
     tain level of employment, it starts falling.         Modern History
Physics                                                     l During their rule the British persuaded or forced
  l In science, a push or pull of an object is called          cultivators in Bengal to grow jute.
     force.                                               Geography and Environment
  l The attribute cellspacing specifies (in pixels) the
     distance between two adjacent cells.                   l In the biosphere living beings are inter-related
                                                               and independent on each other for survival. The
Chemistry                                                      life supporting system is known as the Ecosys-
  l The name of the acid in an ant’s sting is formic           tem.
     acid.                                                  l The part of the Himalayas between Tista and
  l Sodium hydroxide base is present in soap.                  Dihang rivers is known as Assam Himalayas.
Biology                                                     l Presence of large amounts of nutrients in waters
                                                               also causes excessive growth of planktonic al-
  l RBCs are formed in the red bone marrow in the              gae.