l Plant cell wall mainly composed of Lipids.                                  Success Tip
                       Success Tip                         In India Tropical Deciduous Forests are found in
A lipid is a substance of biological origin that is        Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh,
soluble in nonpolar solvents.                              Orissa and parts of Maharashtra.
  l Edward Jenner discovered vaccine for small pox.
Sports                                                       l Fundamental Duties are:
  l In 2017 Australian Open, Serena Williams de-                a. To abide by constitution and respect the Na-
     feated her sister Venus Williams to win the 23rd              tional Flag.
     Grand Slam Singles title of her career.                    b. To promote harmony and brotherhood
Miscellaneous                                                   c. To uphold and protect the sovereignty
  l The name of the first Super Computer of the world                           Success Tip
     is CDC 6600.                                          The Fundamental Duties were increased to eleven by
  l The pioneer of Chipko movement of 1973 was             the 86th Amendment in 2002, which added a duty on
     Sunderlal Bahuguna.                                   every parent or guardian to ensure that their child or
  l ‘Pradhan Mantri Digital Sakshatra Abhiyan’ is          ward was provided opportunities for education be-
     launched to digitally literate 6 crore rural house-   tween the ages of six and fourteen years.
     holds by March, 2019.
  l Delhi hosted the 3 days long ‘International Yoga
     Fest’ held from 8th to 10th March, 2017.                l A firm does not exercise control over price in Per-
  l The filmfare lifetime Achievement Award for the             fect Competition.
     2018 was awarder to Mala Sinha and Bappi Lahiri.        l Income Distribution is represented by ‘Lorenz
  l The author of ‘The Windfall’ is Diksha Basu.                Curve’.
  l The 9th BRICS Summit in the year 2017 was
     hosted by China.
  l India signed an agreement for assistance in green        l When light passes from one medium to another,
     and sustainable construction of infrastructure             this phenomenon of change in its direction is
     in the Himalayan Kingdom in December, 2016                 called refraction.
     with Bhutan.                                            l Radar was invented by A. H. Taylor and Leo C.
             SSC CGL Tier-I Exam
       Held on: 16.08.2017 3rd Shift                      Chemistry
                                                             l Supercooling is cooling of liquid below freezing point.
Modern History                                               l Phenol is also known as Carbolic Acid.
  l The Poona Pact was signed between Mahatma                l Electron was discovered by J. J. Thomson.
     Gandhi and B. R. Ambedkar.
                       Success Tip
The Poona Pact refers to an agreement between B. R.          l Universal donor blood group is O-.
Ambedkar and M. K. Gandhi made on the 24th of                l The human brain is divided in three (3) parts.
September 1932 at Yerwada Central Jail in Poona,                                Success Tip
India.                                                     The human brain is divided into three parts: the
  l The ‘Sati System’ in India was abolished by Gov-       brainstem, the cerebellum, and the cerebrum.
     ernor General Lord William Bentick.
                                                             l Adrenaline is a hormone.
                       Success Tip
                                                                                Success Tip
The Bengal Sati Regulation which banned the Sati
                                                           Adrenaline is normally produced by both the adrenal
practice in all jurisdictions of British India was passed
on December 4, 1829 by the then Governor-General           glands and certain neurons.
Lord William Bentinck.
Geography and Environment                                    l David Warner plays cricket for Australia.
  l The primary green house gases in the earth’s at-      Miscellaneous
     mosphere are methane, ozone and nitrous ox-
     ide.                                                    l The input devices are Magnetic Ink Character
  l Tropical Deciduous Forests are most widespread              Recognition (MICR), Optical Mark Recognition
     in India.                                                  (OMR) and Barcode Reader.