Physics                                                Modern History
   l The hydraulic lift works on Pascal’s law.             l The “Trade Monopoly” of the East India Com-
   l The numerical values on Celsius and Fahrenheit          pany was ended by the Charter Act of 1813.
     scales become equal at -400C.                                           Success Tip
   l The theory of relativity was developed by Albert   The Company’s commercial monopoly was ended,
     Einstein.                                          except for the tea trade and the trade with China.
Chemistry                                              Geography and Environment
   l The process of conversion of solid state directly     l Punjab receives rainfall due to western distur-
     to gaseous state called is sublimation.                 bances.
   l The main components of Bronze Alloy are copper        l Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats both receive
     and tin.                                                sufficient rainfall but Deccan Plateau receives
   l Coal Combustion Power Plant causes fly ash.             scanty rainfall because it is a rain shadow area.
Biology                                                    l Types of coal are Anthracite, Lignite and Peat.
   l Night Blindness is caused by deficiency of Vita-                        Success Tip
     min A.                                             The ranks of coal (from most to least carbon con-
   l The right portion of human heart receives im-      tent) are as follows: anthracite, bituminous coal,
     pure blood.                                        subbituminous coal, and lignite. The coal with the
   l The largest gland in human body is Liver.          highest carbon content is the best and cleanest type
                                                        of coal to use.
Sports                                                     l Fog, clouds, mist are examples of Aerosol.
   l ‘Queensbury rules’ is code of rules that directly
     influences of boxing.
                                                           l Article 32 was referred to as the ‘the heart and
Miscellaneous                                                soul’ of the constitution by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
   l In MICR, ‘I’ stands for Ink.                          l Change in Fundamental Rights needs a special
   l “Dulari Kanya”, a scheme to bring down infant           majority in Parliament.
     mortality in the state is launched by Arunachal                         Success Tip
     Pradesh.                                           Articles which can be amended by special majority
   l A example of distinguished painter is Amrita       are laid down in Article 368.
   l Padma Shri 2017 in the field of ‘Sports – Hockey’ Economy
     was awarded to P. R. Shreejesh.                       l ‘The Rolling Plan’ was implemented after fifth five
   l “Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl” is                 year plan.
     authored by Ram Kamal Mukherjee.                                        Success Tip
   l A 7500 mile direct rail link was launched on 10
                                                        The meaning of the Rolling Plan was that now, every
     April 2017 between China and Great Britain.
                                                        year the performance of the plan will be assessed and
                     Success Tip                        a new plan will be made next year based upon this
The first train from China to Britain arrived on Janu-  assessment.
ary 18, 2017. The train will go through the Channel        l Indirect tax causes a burden on the poorer sec-
Tunnel before travelling across France, Belgium, Ger-        tion of the society.
many, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan be-
fore heading into China.                               Physics
   l 19th SAARC Summit was planned to be held in           l The SI unit of Power is Watt.
     November 2016 but it got postponed. It was to be      l Units and their related quantity
     hosted by Pakistan.                                        Unit                      Quantity
                                                             a. Parsec                    Distance
             SSC CGL Tier-I Exam                             b. Barrel                    Liquid
      Held on: 16.08.2017 2nd Shift                          c. Light Year                Time
Medieval History                                       Chemistry
   l Battles and their related year                        l A chemical formula of quicklime is CaO.
`       Battles                            Year        Biology
     a. Battle of Buxar                    1764
     b. Battle of Plassey                  1757            l Mitochondria does the pyruvic acid is broken
                                                             down into carbon dioxide, water and energy.
     c. Battle of Haldighati               1576