Polity                                                   Miscellaneous
   l The literal meaning of the term “Quo-Warranto”        l C++ is a programming language.
     is by what authority (or) warrant.                    l Artists and their related Arts
Economy                                                          Artists                   Arts
   l The decision regarding the savings and loan ac-          a. Amjad Ali Khan            Sarod
     tivities in a Self Help Group (SHG) was taken by         b. Ustad Bismillah Khan      Shehnai
     members of group.                                        c. Hema Malini               Bharatnatyam
   l Coal India Limited (CIL), Steel Authority of India       d. Shambhu Maharaj           Kathak
     Limited (SAIL) and Bharat Heavy Electricals Lim-
                                                           l Nobel Prize for Literature 2016 was conferred to
     ited (BHEL) are in the list of Maharatna.
                                                              Bob Dylan and for 2017 to Kazuo Ishiguro.
                      Success Tip                          l The author of the book titled ‘The Gita for Chil-
There are 8 companies in the list of Maharatna. Other         dren’ is Roopa Pai.
5 companies are Bharat Petroleum Corporation Lim-          l The Asian country to open ‘Duge Bridge’ (world’s
ited, National Thermal Power Corporation, Oil and             highest road ridge) for use in year 2016 is China.
Natural Gas Corporation, Indian Oil Corporation
Limited and Gas Authority of India Limited.                           SSC CGL Tier-I Exam
   l The 7th pay commission has retained the rate of           Held on: 09.08.2017 1st Shift
     annual increment of 3%.
                                                         Ancient History
                                                           l Temples and their lords
   l Acceleration, force and velocity are vector quan-
                                                                 Temples                           Lords
     tity but electric current is not a vector quantity.
                                                              a. Lingaraja Temple, Orissa       Lord Shiva
   l The phenomenon of raising the outer edge of the
     curved roads above the inner edge to provide nec-        b. Tijara Mandir,                 Lord Mahavira
     essary centripetal force to the vehicles to take a          Rajasthan
     safe turn is called banking of roads.                    c. Venketeswara Temple,           Lord Vishnu
   l Isobars are elements with different atomic num-     Modern History
     ber but same mass number.                             l Chronological order of the Indian Freedom
   l Metals and their related ores                            Struggle is Poona Pact, Quit India Movement,
        Metals                     Ores                       Shimla Conference and Cabinet Mission.
     a. Iron                       Haematite               l Satyagraha movement was launched by Mahatma
     b. Copper                     Chalcopyrite               Gandhi from Champaran in 1917.
     c. Thorium                    Monazite
                                                         Geography and Environment
                                                           l The name of the tropical cyclones in the China
   l Phylum Annelida has segmented body.                      Sea is Typhoon.
                      Success Tip                          l Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the part of
Phylum Annelida contains a variety of worms and               Scandinavia.
their relatives. They are found everywhere from ma-        l The reason for formation of Mirage in desert is
rine and freshwater habitats to damp soil.                    refraction and total internal reflection of light
   l Synapse gap is present between two neurons.
   l Small intestine has finger like outgrowths which    Polity
     are called as Villi (Singular Villus).                l The oath of the President of India is adminis-
   l Malaria causing germs was discovered by Charles          tered by the Chief Justice of India.
     Louis Alphonse Laveran.
                                                           l The ‘General Equilibrium Theory’ was given by
   l F1 Race and their winners                                Leon Walras.
        F1 Race                    Winners                 l Demand Draft:
     a. F1 Australian Grand        Sebastian Vettel           a. Is a negotiable instrument.
        Prix 2017                                             b. Is a banker’s cheque.
     b. F1 Russian Grand           Valtteri Bottas            c. Is issued by a bank.
        Prix 2017                                          l Member of BRICS association are Brazil, Rus-
     c. F1 Chinese Grand           Lewis Hamilton             sia, India, China and South Africa.
        Prix 2017