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The Earth consists of four concentric layers: inner      Animal tissues are grouped into four basic types: con-
core, outer core, mantle and crust.                      nective, muscle, nervous and epithelial.
   l Greenhouse gases absorb long wave (infrared)
      radiation from the earth and emit it again to-
      wards the earth.                                     l The winner of 2015 Men"s Cricket World Cup was
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The primary greenhouse gases in Earth"s atmosphere      Miscellaneous
are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous          l Whole Disk Encryption is a technology (hard-
oxide, and ozone.                                             ware or software) where data is encrypted before
   l Bhutan shares its border with West Bengal,               storage.
      Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh Indian states.          l In April 2017, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh
                                                              banned inclusion of names of Ministers and MLA"s
                        Success Tip                           on Plaques and Foundation Stones in Punjab.
Bhutan also shares its border with Assam (India) and       l Dr. Jaap Haartsen invented Bluetooth.
China.                                                     l Rukmini Devi Arundale was a reputed dancer and
                                                              choreographer in Bharatnatyam.
                                                           l The 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama "Sweat" was
   l Communist Party of India - Marxist (CPI-M) was           won by Lynn Nottage.
      founded in 1964.                                     l Authors and their related novel
   l Right against Exploitation Fundamental Right
                                                                 Author                    Novel
      in the Indian Constitution prohibits trafficking,
      forced labour, and children working under 14            a. Jonathan Franzen          The Corrections
      years of age.                                           b. Jennifer Egan             A Visit from the
                        Success Tip                                                        Goon Squad
The right against exploitation, given in Articles 23          c. Thomas Perry              Forty Thieves
and 24, provides for two provisions, namely the abo-       l As per World Health Organization, a pilot pro-
lition of trafficking in human beings and Begar (forced       gram testing the first ever malaria vaccine will
labour), and abolition of employment of children be-          begin in Africa in the year 2018.
low the age of 14 years in dangerous jobs like facto-
ries, mines, etc.                                                    SSC CGL Tier-I Exam
                                                               Held on: 06.08.2017 3rd Shift
   l The market demand curve represents the demand      Ancient History
      of all consumers in the market taken together at
      different levels of the price of the good.           l Sanchi Stupa was built by Ashoka.
   l The market structure called monopoly exists                              Success Tip
      where there is exactly one seller in any market.   The Great Stupa at Sanchi is the oldest structure
                                                         and was originally commissioned by the emperor
Physics                                                  Ashoka the Great of the Maurya Empire in the 3rd
   l Meter in a vehicle that calculates distance cov-    century BCE.
      ered by the vehicle is called odometer.
   l The SI unit of pressure is Pascal.                 Modern History
                                                           l In 1917, Mahatma Gandhi organised a Satyagraha
Chemistry                                                     to support the peasants of the Kheda district of
   l Oxide of magnesium will turn red litmus blue.            Gujarat.
   l Gas is highly compressible.                                              Success Tip
Biology                                                  The Kheda Satyagraha of 1918 was the second
   l The scientific name of human being is Homo          Satyagraha movement inspired by Mohandas Gandhi
      Sapiens.                                           and a major revolt in the Indian Independence Move-
   l In a majority of flowering plants, out of the four  ment. The peasants of kheda could not be able to pay
      megaspores, the ratio of functional and degener-   high taxes of british due to crop failure and plague
      ate megaspores is 1:3.                             epidemic.
   l The body of all complex animals consists of only      l Rudramadevi of the Kakatiya dynasty ruled over
      4 basic types of tissues.                               Warangal, part of modern Andhra Pradesh.