Success Tip                        Biology
Seven (7) Fundamental Rights recognised by the In-           l Citrus Canker, Rust of Wheat and Yellow vein
dian constitution. They are covered in Articles 12 to          Mosaic of bhindi are plant diseases.
35 of Indian Constitution.                                   l The faecal matter is removed through the anus
                                                               from time to time is known as egestion.
                                                             l Disease-causing micro-organisms are called
   l The minimum base rate fixed by RBI is 9.3%.
   l There are 22 public sector banks in India.
                                                             l Pituitary gland is situated near brain.
   l Dairy comes under primary sector of Indian Econ-
                                                             l ‘Theory of Evolution’ was given by Darwin.
                       Success Tip                                             Success Tip
The manufacturing industries that aggregate, pack,        The theory of evolution by natural selection, first for-
package, purify or process the raw materials close to     mulated in Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species”
the primary producers are normally considered part of     in 1859, is the process by which organisms change
this sector, especially if the raw material is unsuitable over time as a result of changes in heritable physical
for sale or difficult to transport long distances.        or behavioral traits.
   l Seasonal unemployment is kind of unemployment           l The connective tissues are Adipose Tissue, Com-
      when people are not able to find jobs during some        pact Bone and Areolar Tissue but Cardiac Mus-
      months of the year.                                      cle is not a connective tissue.
   l Organised sector covers those enterprises (or)       Sports
      places of work where the terms of employment
                                                             l ‘Strikeout’ is associated with Baseball.
      are regular.
Physics                                                                        Success Tip
   l The units of speed are m/s, km/hr and cm/s.          In baseball or softball, a strikeout occurs when a
   l ‘Laws of motion’ was given by Newton.                batter racks up three strikes during a time at bat. It
   l The force acting on an object perpendicular to       usually means the batter is out.
      the surface is called thrust.                       Miscellaneous
                       Success Tip                           l Printer is an output device.
Thrust is a reaction force described quantitatively by       l Keyboard is an input device.
Newton"s second and third laws. When a system ex-            l Chrome is a browser.
pels or accelerates mass in one direction, the accel-
                                                             l The name of e-service for online verification and
erated mass will cause a force of equal magnitude
but opposite direction on that system.                         attestation of documents of Indian citizens is E-
   l Relative density does not have any unit.
                                                             l ‘Kashida’ is a type of embroidery that is famous
                       Success Tip
                                                               in Jammu and Kashmir.
Unit of speed is meter per second (m/s), unit of den-
sity is kilogram per cubic metre (kg/m3) and unit of                           Success Tip
acceleration is meter per second squared (m/s2).          Kashida is a type of justification used in some cur-
Chemistry                                                 sive scripts related to Arabic.
   l The properties of a metal are hardness, lustrous,       l The first women cricketer to receive C. K. Nayudu
      malleability and good conductivity of heat.              Lifetime Achievement Award is Shantha Ran-
   l The nature of antacid is basic.                           gaswamy.
                       Success Tip                                             Success Tip
An atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordi-
                                                          Shantha Rangaswamy receives this award in 2017
nary matter that has the properties of a chemical
                                                          and she is also first woman recipient of the Arjuna
                                                          Award in 1976.
   l ‘Anions’ are formed by the addition of electron.
                       Success Tip                           l The author of the book ‘The Golden House’ is
Anions are atoms or radicals (groups of atoms), that           Salman Rushdie.
have gained electrons. Since they now have more              l Seven (7) agreements have been signed between
electrons than protons, anions have a negative                 India and Russia in June 2017.
charge. For example, Chloride ions Cl-, Bromide Br-          l India was the first non-communist country to
Iodide I-.                                                     recognize communist China in 1950.