l Fundamental duties are given in Part IV A of In-       l Atomic Number is denoted by Z.
      dian Constitution.                                   l Washing soda is chemically called as sodium car-
                      Success Tip                             bonate.
                                                           l ‘Cations’ are formed by the removal of electron.
The Fundamental Duties of citizens were added to
the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment in 1976,          Biology
upon the recommendations of the Swaran Singh
Committee that was constituted by the government           l Citrus canker is a plant disease.
earlier that year.                                                            Success Tip
  l ‘Protection of life and personal liberty’ is men-    Citrus canker is a disease affecting Citrus species
      tioned in Article 21 of Indian Constitution.       caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas axonopodis.
Economy                                                  Infection causes lesions on the leaves, stems, and
                                                         fruit of citrus trees, including lime, oranges, and
  l Sugar Industry comes under secondary sector of       grapefruit.
      Indian Economy.
                                                           l Chicken Pox is caused by virus.
                      Success Tip                          l Besides nutrients, our body needs dietary fibres
The secondary sector include industries that produce          and water.
a finished, usable product or are involved in con-         l Buccal cavity is a component of digestive sys-
struction.                                                    tem.
  l Unorganized sector is characterised by small and                          Success Tip
      scattered units which are largely outside the con- The oral cavity, bound by the cheeks of the face, the
      trol of the government.                            palate, and the flesh of the mandible, opening onto
                      Success Tip                        the mouth and the fauces, and containing the teeth,
                                                         tongue, gums, and other structures.
Unorganized Sector as consisting of all unincorpo-
                                                           l Cellulose is an example of carbohydrate.
rated private enterprises owned by individuals or
households engaged in the sale or production of            l Typhoid is a water borne disease.
goods and services operated on a proprietary or          Sports
partnership basis and with less than ten total work-
                                                           l The height of the goal post in the game of Net-
                                                              ball is 10 ft.
  l Educated unemployment is a kind of unemploy-
      ment generally found in urban areas.               Miscellaneous
  l Bank Rate in India is decided by Reserve Bank of       l  Scanner is an input device.
      India.                                               l  Plotter is an output device.
                      Success Tip                          l  Safari is a browser.
                                                           l  Protocol used for sending an email is SMTP.
The bank rate, also known as the discount rate, is
the rate of interest charged by the RBI for providing      l The scheme sponsored by the Government of In-
funds or loans to the banking system.                         dia for providing subsidized food to poorest of
                                                              the poor families is named as Antyodaya Anna
  l Current minimum saving deposit rate in India is
      4.00% per annum.
                                                           l Safety elevator was invented by Elisha Otis.
Physics                                                    l Swang is a famous dance form.
  l Electric current is measured by Ammeter.               l The recipient of Best Green Organisation Award
  l Sounds of frequencies below 20 Hz are called in-          2017 is Katamati Iron Mine.
      frasonic sound.                                      l The author of the book ‘Rekha – The Untold Sto-
  l Concave mirror is used by dentists to see large           ry’ is Yasser Usman.
      images of teeth.                                     l The three Indian cities which will receive a grant
  l When resistors are connected in series, then net          of 3.5 million Euros from European Union and
      resistance increases.                                   France to curb emissions are Nagpur, Kochi and
                                                           l Sri Lanka gained its independence on 4th Febru-
  l The chemical symbol of ‘Iron’ is Fe.                      ary, 1948.