l Binary language is used by computer to process                             Success Tip
                                                          The Quit India Movement or the India August Move-
   l Under UDAN scheme five operates will operate         ment was a movement launched at the Bombay ses-
     on 128 routes. Air Deccan, Air Odisha and Turbo      sion of the All-India Congress Committee by Mahat-
     Megha operator are among them.                       ma Gandhi on 8 August 1942, during World War II,
   l Temples & their related states                       demanding an end to British Rule of India.
        Temple                             State
                                                          Geography and Environment
     a. Somnath Temple                     Gujarat
                                                             l The cash crops are cotton, groundnut and tea
     b. Kamakhya Temple                    Assam
                                                               whereas jowar is not a cash crop.
     c. Ramnathaswamy Temple               Tamil Nadu
                                                                                Success Tip
     d. Mahabodhi Temple                   Bihar
   l Colson Whitehead has won 2017 Pulitzer Prize         A cash crop is an agricultural crop which is grown
     for ‘Underground Railroad’.                          for sale to return a profit. It is typically purchased by
                                                          parties separate from a farm.
   l The book ‘The Unseen Indira Gandhi’ has au-
     thored by Dr. K. P. Mathur.                             l Two-third portion of earth’s surface is covered by
   l Six (6) agreements were signed between India and
                                                             l Indian Standard Time (IST) is based upon Indian
     Portugal on 7 January 2017.
                                                               Standard Meridian which passes through Alla-
   l India shares its least International boundary with        habad.
     Afghanistan.                                            l Brahamputra River is also known as ‘Tsangpo’.
                     Success Tip                             l ‘Chumbi Valley’ is located in Sikkim.
                                                             l Parasites, Decomposers and Non-Green plants
The length of India’s land border with Afghanistan is
                                                               are biotic component of environment whereas soil
106 Km and its highest land border with Bangladesh             is Abiotic component.
is 4156 km.
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       SSC CAPFs ASI & DP SI Exam                         Biotic components are the living things that shape
                                                          an ecosystem. Biotic components usually include
       Held on: 06.07.2017 1st Shift                      Producers, Consumers and Decomposers.
                                                             l Bleaching liquors are inorganic pollutants pro-
Ancient History                                                duced mainly by Paper and Pulp Industry.
   l Sixteen (16) Mahajanpadas were there in ancient                            Success Tip
                                                          Inorganic chemicals are usually substances of min-
   l Bhakti movement began in 7th century.                eral origin. Metals, salt, and minerals are examples
                     Success Tip                          of inorganic chemicals.
The Bhakti movement refers to the spiritual devo-            l Tur daal (arhar), bajra and maize are Kharif crop
                                                               whereas wheat is a Rabi crop.
tional trend that emerged in old-fashioned Hindu-
ism and later reformed in Sikhism. It started in the                            Success Tip
eighth-century South India (now parts of Tamil Nadu       Kharif crops or monsoon crops are domesticated
and Kerala) and spread northwards.                        plants that are cultivated and harvested in South
                                                          Asia during the rainy season, which lasts from April
Medieval History                                          to October depending on the area. The Rabi crops are
   l Marco-polo, a famous traveller, was native of Italy. sown around mid-November.
   l The dynasties in chronological order of their pe-    Polity
     riod of rule are Khilji Dynasty, Tughlaq Dynasty
                                                             l Finance Minister is a part of political executive.
     and Lodhi Dynasty.
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                     Success Tip
                                                          The executive is the organ exercising authority in
The Khalji or Khilji dynasty was a Muslim dynasty
                                                          and holding responsibility for the governance of a
which ruled large parts of South Asia between 1290
                                                          state. The executive executes and enforces law.
and 1320. The Tughlaq dynasty reign started from 1320
to 1413. The Lodi dynasty started from 1451 to 1526.         l Indian Parliament is bicameral.
                                                             l Russia, China and Mongolia are the part of ‘Sec-
Modern History                                                 ond World Countries’ whereas Argentina is not
   l Quit India Movement started in 1942.                      the part of it.