l The maximum numbers of seats fixed for Lok              l In fluid mechanics, if the speed of an object is
      Sabha in India are 552 seats.                            equal to the speed of sound then Mach number
   l Article 75 deals with the appointment of Prime            is 1.
      Minister of India.                                                        Success Tip
   l The President issues a notification for proroga-
      tion of legislative session.                        The Mach number (M or Ma) is a dimensionless quan-
                                                          tity representing the ratio of flow velocity past a
   l Right to property fundamental right has been
                                                          boundary to the local speed of sound.
      deleted from Indian Constitution.
                                                             l Law of Conservation of Electric Charge was dis-
                       Success Tip                             covered by Benjamin Franklin.
The Indian Constitution does not recognize right to
property as a fundamental right. In the year 1977,
the 44th amendment eliminated the right to acquire,          l The chemical name of vinegar is Acetic Acid.
hold and dispose of property as a fundamental right.         l The common name of Calcium Hypochlorite is
   l The Mandamus writ is issued by a court to a               bleaching powder.
      public official asking him to perform his official     l Mercury has least melting point.
      duties.                                                                   Success Tip
                       Success Tip                        Mercury has a freezing point of -38.83 °C and a boil-
The Mandamus is an order from a court to an inferi-       ing point of 356.73 °C, both the lowest of any metal.
or government official ordering the government offi-         l ‘Rn’ is chemical symbol of radon.
cial to properly fulfill their official duties or correct
an abuse of discretion.                                   Biology
                                                             l Lysosomes cell organelle is also called as ‘Sui-
Economy                                                        cidal Bag of Cell’.
   l The prime reason for inflation is increase in mon-
                                                                                Success Tip
      ey supply.
                                                          One of the key organelles involved in digestion and
                       Success Tip
                                                          waste removal is the lysosome. Lysosomes are or-
Inflation is a sustained increase in the general price    ganelles that contain digestive enzymes.
level of goods and services in an Economy over a pe-
                                                             l Stapes bone is found in the ears in the human
riod of time.
   l Disposable Personal Income is Personal Income
      – Direct Taxes.                                                           Success Tip
                       Success Tip                        The stapes or stirrup is a bone in the middle ear of
                                                          humans and other mammals which is involved in
Disposable income, also known as disposable per-          the conduction of sound vibrations to the inner ear.
sonal income (DPI), is the amount of money that           The stirrup-shaped small bone is on and transmits
households have available for spending and saving         these to the oval window, medially.
after income taxes have been accounted for.
                                                             l Keratin protein is found in nails.
   l The full form of CRR is Cash Reserve Ratio.
                                                             l Bamboo is a type of grass.
                       Success Tip                           l Cockroach and Prawn have open circulatory sys-
CRR is the percentage of cash deposits that banks              tem.
need to keep with the Reserve Bank of India on a                                Success Tip
fortnightly basis. Presently the CRR is 4% that is,
for every Rs 100 deposited in the bank; bank will         Open circulatory systems allow all fluids in an or-
need to deposit Rs 4 with RBI.                            ganism to mix.
   l Marginal Rate of Substitution is used to mea-           l Four (4) canine teeth are there in adult human.
      sure slope of indifferences curve.                  Sports
   l ‘Food For Work Programme’ was introduced at
      time of Tenth Five Year Plan.                          l Shiv Thapa is related to Boxing.
Physics                                                   Miscellaneous
   l Moon’s gravitation = 1/6th of Earth’s gravita-          l Router is used in network layer.
      tion.                                                                     Success Tip
   l The force of attraction between an electron re-
                                                          A router is a networking device that forwards data
      volving around the nucleus and the nucleus is
                                                          packets between computer networks. Routers perform
      an electric force.
                                                          the traffic directing functions on the Internet.
   l Silver has the highest electrical conductivity.