l Council of ministers are collectively responsible    l Nichrome is used in the manufacturing of elec-
     to Lok Sabha.                                            tric heater coil.
   l The vote of the speaker of Lok Sabha is called
     casting vote.
   l Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have bicam-       l Cotton cloth will readily catch fire.
     eral legislature.                                    l The main components of stainless steel are iron
                                                              are chromium and nickel.
Economy                                                   l Lithium has the lowest density.
   l Devaluation is majorly done to encourage export.
                      Success Tip
                                                          l Hippocrates is known as ‘Father of Medicine’.
Devaluation is a deliberate downward adjustment to        l A vestigial organ in human body is tailbone.
the value of a country"s currency relative to another
                                                          l Mitochondria cell organelle is responsible for cel-
currency, group of currencies or standard.
                                                              lular respiration.
   l Foreign investment is known by FDI (Foreign          l ‘The Theory of Natural Selection’ was given by
     Direct Investment) in India.                             Darwin.
                      Success Tip                         l Creatures and their related class
A foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment in            Creature                 Class
the form of a controlling ownership in a business in          a. Crocodile                Reptile
one country by an entity based in another country.            b. Frog                     Amphibian
   l The full form of NNP is Net National Product.            c. Tiger                    Animal
                                                          l Uric acid is chief nitrogenous waste of Birds.
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Net national product (NNP) refers to gross national     Sports
product (GNP), i.e. the total market value of all final   l Players and their related Sports
goods and services produced by the factors of pro-               Player                   Sport
duction of a country or other Polity during a given           a. Chetan Anand             Badminton
time period, minus depreciation.
                                                              b. Virat Kohli              Cricket
   l ‘Inclusive Growth’ was the objective of Eleventh         c. Sania Mirza              Tennis
     Five Year Plan.
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                                                          l Any data (or) instruction entered into the mem-
Inclusive growth means economic growth that cre-
                                                              ory of computer is called as input.
ates employment opportunities and helps in reduc-
ing poverty. It means having access to essential ser-     l C++ and Java are computer languages.
vices in health and education by the poor.                l The name of the scheme for food processing sec-
                                                              tor to be launched by the Ministry of Food Pro-
   l The Green steel plants of Bhilai, Durgapur and
                                                              cessing Industries is SAMPADA.
     Rourkela were established under Second Five Year
     Plan.                                                                    Success Tip
Physics                                                 SAMPADA stands for Scheme for Agro-Marine Pro-
                                                        cessing and Development of Agro-Processing Clus-
   l Quantities and their related SI unit               ters.
        Quantity                 SI Unit
                                                          l An inventor of an electric telegraph is Samuel F.
     a. Resistance               Ohm
                                                              B. Morse.
     b. Energy                   Joule
                                                          l ‘Mohiniattam’ dance is associated with Kerala.
     c. Power                    Watt
                                                          l A recipient of Padma Shri for the year 2017 in
   l Germanium is widely used in making semicon-              the field of Art-Music is Kailash Kher.
     ductor chips.
                                                          l The book ‘Gandhi in Champaran’ is authored by
   l The first law of thermodynamics is related to con-       Dinanath Gopal Tendulkar.
     servation of energy.
                                                          l India and South Korea have signed a MoU on
                      Success Tip                             ship building. Hindustan Shipyard Limited has
The law of conservation of energy states that the to-         been nominated by India for this collaboration.
tal energy of an isolated system is constant; energy      l Two neighbouring countries of India, China and
can be transformed from one form to another, but              Nepal organized a military exercise named ‘Sa-
can be neither created nor destroyed.                         garmatha Friendship - 2017’.