l The longest bone in human body is femur bone.          l Taxila University is currently located in Pakistan.
   l The main function of white blood cells (WBC’s)                             Success Tip
     is to fight against infection.
   l Arrangement of leaves in a plant is called as Phyl- Taxila or Takshashila is an important archaeological
     lotaxy.                                             site and in 1980 was declared a UNESCO World Her-
                                                         itage Site. Its ruins lie near modern Taxila, in Punjab,
Sports                                                   Pakistan, about 35 km northwest of Rawalpindi.
   l Sports and their related Sports equipment              l Gautam Buddha took his Samadhi in Kushina-
        Sports                    Sports Equipment             gar.
     a. Snooker                   Cue                    Medieval History
     b. Golf                      Club
                                                            l Battle of Haldighati was fought between Akbar
     c. Rugby                     Ball                         and Maharana Pratap.
     d. Squash                    Racket
                                                                                Success Tip
Miscellaneous                                            The Battle of Haldighati was a battle fought on 18
   l The input devices are keyboard, scanner and joy-    June 1576 between cavalry and archers supporting the
     stick.                                              Rana of Mewar, Maharana Pratap and the Mughal
   l Scanner is a light sensitive device used for con-   emperor Akbar’s forces, led by Man Singh I of Amber.
     verting images to their digital form.                  l The ‘Amer Fort’ was built by Raja Man Singh.
   l Program for capacity building of Elected Woman
     Representatives (EWRs) of Panchayats has been       Geography and Environment
     launched at Ranchi, Jharkhand.                         l Winter solstice is observed in Northern Hemi-
   l Computer was invented by Charles Babbage.                 sphere on 21st December.
   l Festivals and their related state                      l Barren Island is located in India.
        Festival                  State                     l Strait is a water body separating two land mass-
     a. Onam                      Kerala                       es.
     b. Kuchipudi                 Andhra Pradesh            l Switzerland is a landlocked country.
     c. Pongal                    Tamil Nadu                l The only planet whose period of rotation is long-
     d. Gudipadwa                 Maharashtra                  er than the period of revolution around the sun
                                                               is Venus.
   l The recipients of Nobel Prize 2016 in the field of
     Chemistry are Jean – Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fras-      l Masses of stars and galaxies are usually expressed
     er Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa. The recipi-           in solar mass.
     ent for 2017 are Joachin Frank, Richard Hend-          l Diesel Engine primarily produces Nitrogen diox-
     erson and Jacques Dubochet.                               ide leading to air pollution.
   l ‘Life on my terms: from the grassroots to the cor-     l The main aim of Kyoto Protocol was to fight Glo-
     ridors of power’ is an autobiography of Sharad            bal Warming.
     Pawar.                                                 l A high BOD in any water body indicates polluted
   l The ‘One belt, One road’ summit was held in               water.
   l ‘Maitree Express’ is an international train be-
     tween India and Bangladesh.                            l The final decision-making power must rest with
                                                               those elected by the people in a Democratic Gov-
                     Success Tip                               ernment.
The Bandhan Express is an international passenger           l Community Government:
train which runs between the Indian city of Kolkata            • Is elected by people belonging to one language
and the Bangladeshi city of Khulna. It is the 2nd                 community.
modern train link between West Bengal and Bang-                • Has the power regarding cultural, educational
ladesh.                                                           and language related issues.
                                                            l Federalism is a system of government in which
       SSC CAPFs ASI & DP SI Exam                              the power is divided between a central authority
                                                               and various constituent units of the country.
       Held on: 05.07.2017 1st Shift                        l One form of punishment is substituted by a light-
                                                               er form under commutation power of the Presi-
Ancient History                                                dent.
   l In Indus valley civilization, Great Bath is found      l Concept of Judicial Review in Indian Constitu-
     in Mohenjo-daro.                                          tion has been taken from USA.