l Country borders and their related countries      Economy
        Border                     Countries              l Mixed Economy is existence of both public and
     a. 49th Parallel    United States of America           private sectors in National Economy.
                         and Canada                       l The most appropriate measure of an economic
     b. 38th Parallel    North Korea and South Ko-          growth of a country is Per Capita Income.
     rea                                                  l Green revolution was introduced in Third Five
     c. Durand Line      Pakistan and Afghanistan           Year Plan of India.
     d. Radcliff Line    India and Pakistan
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   l Near coastal areas, temperature on land in night
     time gets reduced due to land breeze.             The Green Revolution in India was a period when
                                                       agriculture in India increased due to improved meth-
   l Chinook is also known as ‘Snow Eater’.
                                                       od & technology. The Green Revolution allowed de-
                     Success Tip                       veloping countries, like India, to overcome poor ag-
A chinook wind is a warm, dry wind originating from    ricultural productivity. It started in India in the early
the Pacific Ocean which blows eastward over the        1960s.
Rockies, then cools on the mountainous slopes and         l The father of ‘Utilitarian School of Thought’ is
warms significantly as it blows downward onto the           Bentham.
   l Plants which can survive in very less water are
     called as xerophytes.                                l Law of Inertia is also known as Newton’s first
                                                            law of motion.
   l Equal birth rate and death rate represents pla-
     teau phase in population.                                                 Success Tip
Polity                                                 Newton’s first law states that an object will remain
                                                       at rest or move at a constant speed in a straight line
   l The ex-officio chairman of the NITI Aayog in In-
                                                       unless it is acted on by an unbalanced force.
     dia is the Prime Minister.
                                                          l When surface water of a lake is about to freeze,
                     Success Tip                            the temperature of water at the bottom of the
NITI Aayog was established in 2015, by the NDA gov-         lake will be 10°C.
ernment, to replace the Planning Commission which         l Electric energy is produced during conversion of
followed the top-down model.                                solar energy using photovoltaic cell.
   l The good arguments in favour of democracy are:       l Hydraulic brakes used in automatic vehicles are
     • Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens.          direct virtual application of Pascal’s law.
     • Democracies resolve conflicts in a better way. Chemistry
   l A voluntary union of sovereign and independent       l Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus are com-
     states is called Confederation.                        monly found in most fertilizers.
   l The minimum age required to become a member          l Graphite is used as moderator in atomic reactor.
     of Lok Sabha is 25 years.                            l ‘Oil of vitriol’ is the common name of Sulphuric
                     Success Tip                            Acid.
                                                          l Hydrochloric Acid is also known as ‘Muriatic
The maximum strength of the House allotted by the           Acid’.
Constitution of India is 552. Currently the house         l Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer.
has 545 seats.
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   l Indian Constitution contains Twelve (12) Sched-
     ules.                                             Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from animal
   l Article 18 relates to ‘abolition of titles’.      matter, animal excreta, human excreta, and vegeta-
                                                       ble matter. Naturally occurring organic fertilizers in-
   l Two (2) members of Lok Sabha are nominated by
                                                       clude animal wastes from meat processing, peat,
     the President.                                    manure, slurry, and guano.
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Lok Sabha has 545 seats which is made up by elec-         l Turmeric is a modified stem.
tion of up to 543 elected members and at a maxi-
                                                          l Mitochondria cell organelle is present in both
mum, 2 nominated members of the Anglo-Indian                plant and animal cell.
Community by the President of India.
                                                          l The nature of cell membrane is semi-permeable.