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Jizya or Jizyah was a per capita yearly tax historical-  Basel Convention is an international treaty that was
ly levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim        designed to reduce the movements of hazardous waste
                                                         between nations, and specifically to prevent transfer
subjects—dhimmis—permanently residing in Muslim
                                                         of hazardous waste from developed to less developed
lands under Islamic law.
                                                         countries (LDCs).
   l Navratnas of Akbar and their related post
        Akbar Navratnas           Post                   Polity
     a. Abul Fazal                Chief Advisor             l Coup is sudden overthrow of a government ille-
     b. Faizi                     Poet                         gally or by force.
     c. Birbal                    Religious Advisor         l Democratic government is better than other forms
                                                               of government because it allows us to correct its
     d. Todar Mal                 Finance Minister
                                                               own mistake.
Modern History                                              l Organisation that promotes common interest
                                                               describes Public Interest group.
   l The famous poem, ‘Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna’ is
                                                            l The chairman of the drafting committee of Indi-
     written by Bismil Azimabadi.
                                                               an Constitution was Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
                     Success Tip                            l Right to Life is a fundamental right given under
Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna is a patriotic poem written in           Article 21.
Urdu by Bismil Azimabadi of Patna in 1921, and then         l Article 15 states that there should be no discrim-
it was also immortalised by Ram Prasad Bismil as a             ination on the grounds of caste, religion, race,
freedom war cry during the British Raj period in India.        sex, place of birth.
                                                            l The President of India is constitutionally empow-
   l Lord Warren Hastings, Governor General of In-
                                                               ered to alter Scheduled Area.
     dia, started the Postal Service in India.
                                                            l The President of India is elected by single trans-
   l The historical events in the chronological order
                                                               ferrable vote.
     of their occurrence are Non-Cooperation Move-
     ment, Chauri – Chaura Incident, Civil Disobedi-     Economy
     ence Movement.
                                                            l Demand curve will shift forward, when price of
Geography and Environment                                      complementary good falls.
   l The Kalahari Desert is located in Botswana.            l The full form of NSDL is National Securities De-
                                                               pository Limited.
   l River Narmada originates from Amarkantak.
   l Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia.                               Success Tip
   l Siachen glacier is located near to Nubra Valley.    National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is an
   l The name of grasslands of Southern Africa is        Indian central securities depository based in Mum-
     Velds.                                              bai. It was established on 8 November 1996.
   l The dogfish are found in inshore and offshore          l If exports equal imports then GDP =GNP.
     waters over the Continental Shelf. They prefer         l The minimum base rate fixed by RBI is 9.30%.
     full strength seawater and do not enter freshwa-
                                                            l The ‘Gandhian Plan’ in 1944 was given by S. N.
     ter habitats.
   l Benthic zone is found in salt water ecosystem.
                     Success Tip
                                                            l Action and reaction are equal in magnitude.
The benthic zone is the ecological region at the low-
                                                            l The distance between a crest and a consecutive
est level of a body of water such as an ocean or a
                                                               trough in a transverse wave is half of the wave-
lake, including the sediment surface and some sub-             length.
surface layers. Organisms living in this zone are called
                                                            l The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear
                                                               radius is Fermi.
   l The main aim of Basel Convention was Bio-di-           l Maxwell is the unit of magnetic flux.
     versity Conservation.                                  l The ‘Law of Gravitation’ was given by Isaac New-

                                                            l The characteristics of the solid are high density,
  ONE LINER GENERAL KNOWLEDGE                                  regular shape and high rigidity.