General Geography                                       Modern History
   l Chlorofluoro carbon, green house gases has the       l Indian Civil Service introduced during the period
     greatest heat-trapping ability                         of Lord Cornwallis
   l State of India leading in solar energy generation    l National Anthem of Bangladesh ‘Amar Sonar
     is Rajasthan                                           Bangla’ was written by Rabindranath Tagore
   l Ganga is a result of confluence of rivers Bhagi-   Physical Geography
     rathi and Alakananda at Dev Prayag                   l The uppermost layer of the atmosphere is Exo-
   l River basin shared by more than 10 States of           sphere
     India is Ganges                                      l The most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust
Polity and Constitution                                     is aluminium
   l Minimum age for membership to Rajya Sabha is       General Geography
     30 years                                             l Firewood is not a commercial source of energy
   l The total strength of the Rajya Sabha is 250         l The largest producer of Lac in India is Jhark-
                                                          l A tropical deciduous plant special to the Deccan
   l An octroi is a tax                                     plateau is Sandalwood
   l At a Stock Exchange securities are bought and      Polity and Constitution
   l The headquarters of RBI is in Mumbai                 l The minimum age limit for the membership of
                                                            the Vidhan Parishad is 30 years
Physics                                                 Economy
   l Diamond does not conduct electricity, because        l Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna has now
     no free electrons are present in it                    been restructured as National Rural Livelihoods
   l Weightlessness experienced while orbiting the          Mission
     earth in space ships because of zero gravity         l The World Trade Organisation, which replaced
   l Sextant is an instrument used in navigation            GATT, has its Head Quarters in Geneva
   l If a healthy freshwater fish is placed in salt wa- Physics
     ter, the fish becomes dehydrated and dies
                                                          l Hertz, Decibel and Mach are associated with
Chemistry                                                   sound wave
   l Aldehydes are strong reducing agents                 l If an electron and a photon have the same wave-
                                                            length, then they will have the same linear mo-
Biology                                                     mentum
   l The largest gland in human body is liver           Biology
   l Pancreas secretes Insulin                            l Adrenalin is an emergency hormone in humans
Miscellaneou                                              l Webbed neck is a characteristic of turner’s syn-
   l Flip Flop circuit is used to store one bit of data     drome
   l Correctly matched                                    l Leptospirosis is a disease caused by
     The Mahakaal temple – Ujjain                         l Hepatitis affects Liver
     Sringeri Matha - Chikkmanglur district             Miscellaneous
     The Sun Temple – Konark                              l Neeraj Chopra is associated with Javelin Throw
     Jain temples –                                       l The runners-up in the recently held UEFA Euro-
   l Country known as ‘Land of Midnight Sun’ is             16 is France
     Norway                                               l In computer science, data hazard occurs when
   l Operation Vijay is India’s military offensive          pipeline changes the order of read/write access
     against Pakistan in the Kargil war                     to operands
                                                          l The first Commercial Civilian Aircraft developed
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                          by India is Saras
  (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 09.09.2016                       l The founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save
                     (1st Shift)                            Child Movement) is Kailash Satyarthi
                                                          l Pandit Lachhu Maharaj, who passed away recent-
Ancient History                                             ly, was associated with Tabla
   l Taoism, is an ancient tradition of Philosophy and    l Kalarippayatt is the martial art of which State
     religious belief deeply rooted in Chinese custom       of Kerala
     and world view                                       l Mohammed Shahid, who recently passed away,
                                                            was associated with Hockey