l       Heavy water is manufactured at Trombay                  l Cooperative farming has been most successful in
   l       Two electrons in an orbital are differentiated by         Denmark
           spin quantum number                                     l “Globalisation of Indian Economy” denotes
Biology                                                              having minimum intervention in economic
                                                                     relations with other countries
   l       BCG is a vaccine meant for protection against
                                                                   l Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’ has been
                                                                     launched for Promoting financial inclusion in
   l       Mechano receptor is the sensory receptor involved         the country
           in detecting blood pressure
                                                                   l Economic Survey in India is published officially,
   l       Popular brand Maggi was banned across India               every year by the Ministry of Finance
           recently due to Lead
Miscellaneous                                                   Physics
                                                                   l On a cold day when the room temperature
   l       Page fault occur when a program accesses a page
                                                                     is 15 o C the metallic cap of a pen becomes
           not currently in main memory
                                                                     much colder than its plastic body, though both
         l Tokyo city will host the 2020 Summer Olympic
                                                                     are at the same temperature of 15o C, because
                                                                     metals are good conductors of heat
   l       Dhyanchand is known as the ”Hockey Wizard”
                                                                   l Copper wires are generally used for electrical
   l       Bhavai is a form of folk theatre belonging                power transmission instead of iron wire because
           to Gujara                                                 copper is a better conductor of electricity than iron
   l       Abhinav Bindra has won an Olympic Gold Medal
           in shooting                                          Chemistry
                                                                   l The Solar energy produced by fusion reaction
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                                 l Oz one laye r is f ormed d ue t o re ac ti ons of
  (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 27.10.2016                                  Oxygen and Ultraviolet rays
                         (2nd Shift)                            Biology
Medieval History                                                   l Solar energy is converted into chemical energy
   l       The first woman ruler in Indian history was               during photosynthesis
           Razia Sultan                                            l  Spleen is not the excretory organ
                                                                   l Mechanism preventing interbreeding is called Iso-
Modern History
   l       True about origin of Naxalism                           l Biodegradable wastes can usually be converted
   ä       A peasant revolt which began from Naxalbari               into useful substances with the help of bacteria
           village of West Bengal
     ä     It was led by Charu Mazumdar, Kanu Sanyal
           and Jungal Santhal                                      l Bangalore is known as ’Electronic City
       ä    It was inspired by the Marxism Leninism                l Cache memory acts between CPU and RAM
           Maoism                                                  l Gaban, Godan and Nirmala are written by
         l Raja Ram Mohan Roy          was known as the              Munshi Premchand
           ’Father of Indian Renaissance’
         l In Lahore Session, 1929 the Indian National           SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
           Congress declare ’Purna Swaraj’ as its specific goal   (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 08.09.2016
   l       Motilal Nehru and C.R. Das were the founders                            (Third Shift)
           of a party known as the Swarajya Party
General Geography                                               Ancient History
                                                                   l The first grammarian of the Sanskrit language
         l Suez Canal is located in Egypt
                                                                     was Panini
Polity and Constitution                                         Medieval History
         l The President of India is the Head of State
                                                                   l Gol Gumbadh is mausoleum of Mohammed Adil
   l       Jodhpur princely states did not accede to the             Shah
           Indian Union after independence
                                                                Modern History
                                                                   l The President of Indian National Congress at the
         l Corporation Tax a tax levied by Centre and not            time of Indian independence was J. B. Kriplani
           shared with States
                                                                   l The title ‘Nightingale of India’ to Sarojini Naidu
   l       Expansion of GATT is General Agreement on                 was given by Mahatma Gandhi
           Trade and Tariffs