l Japanese folk tradition and ritual with no founder    l Fermentation is a type of Anaerobic Respiration
     or single sacred scripture is popularly known as        process
   l In IT the technique that is used to increase the
     bandwidth is Memory Interleaving                      l At Rio Olympic, the final position of Dipa kar-
                                                             makar in her category was 4
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                         l ICC World Cup T-20 in 2016 was won by West
  (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 11.09.2016                          Indies
                                                           l In IT, the technique of delaying outgoing acknowl-
                     (3rd Shift)                             edgements temporarily is known as Piggybacking
Ancient History                                            l Greece is facing debt crisis
   l The famous Vishnu Temple at Angkor Wat in             l Correctly matched
     Cambodia was built by Suryavarman II                    Sania Mirza                 Tennis
Modern History                                               Saina Nehwal                Badminton
                                                             Mary Kom                    Boxing
   l The ‘Doctrine of Passive Resistance’ was pro-
                                                             Pankaj Advani               Billiards
     pounded by Aurobindo Ghosh
   l The first Muslim to be elected President of Indi-   SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
     an National Congress was Badruddin Tyabji            (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 27.10.2016
Physical Geography                                                           (1st Shift)
   l The study of mountains is known as Orology
   l Salination of soil is caused by excess irrigation
                                                        Ancient History
General Geography                                          l Lothal, a Harappan site had a dockyard
   l State that is surrounded by Bangladesh from three  Modern History
     sides is Tripura                                      l The reformer of oppressed and backward classes
Polity and Constitution                                      was Dr. B.R Ambedkar
   l Election Commission was established with a def-       l The Wood’s Despatch was about education
     inite provision under an article of the Constitu-     l Khilafat Movement was connected with Turkey
     tion of India                                      Physical Geography
   l The President can advance money to meet un-
                                                           l The rock that results from solidification of mol-
     foreseen expanses from the Contingency Fund
                                                             ten lava from a volcano is an example of Igneous
Economy                                                      rock
   l Fiscal policy in India is formulated by Finance    General Geography
                                                           l The country whose 40 percent of area is below
   l The 14th Finance Commission has recommended
                                                             sea level at high tide is The Netherlands
     increase in state share in net proceeds from tax
     collection from 32% to 42%                            l In India, the Temperate Forest Research Centre
                                                             is in Shimla
   l The new symbol of Indian currency is designed
     by Uday Kumar                                         l Bonsai is cultivation of trees, in dwarf form
   l ‘MUDRA’ is a development and refinance agency      Polity and Constitution
Physics                                                    l First country to establish a modern democracy
   l When ice cubes are made, the entropy of water           was England
     decreases                                          Economy
   l Two vectors are said to be equal if both magni-       l The limit of Territorial water of a country from
     tude and direction are same                             the coast is 22.20 K.M
   l If speed of rotation of the earth increases, the      l Banking is included in the Tertiary sector
     weight of the body decreases
                                                           l The first Indian Governor of the Reserve Bank
Chemistry                                                    of India was C. D. Deshmukh
   l Pure water has pH value 7                          Physics
Biology                                                    l Electromagnet is constructed with soft iron
   l The chemical component that is invariably found       l A body moving in a circular path with a cons-
     in all viruses is proteins                              tant speed has a constant kinetic energy
   l Lichens is used as an air pollution indicator
   l Enzyme that digests proteins in the stomach is
     pepsin                                                l  Acid used in Lead storage battery is sulphuric acid