General Geography                                             glish as the medium of instruction in India was
   l Intensive cultivation refers to raising production       Lord William Bentinck
     by intensive use of existing land.                     l Kamagata Maru was a ship
   l The Siachen glacier’s melting waters are the main    General Geography
     source of the river Nubra.                             l The mountain range that divide North and South
Polity and Constitution                                       India is Vindhyas
   l The members of the all India services serve both       l Dampa Tiger Reserve is situated in Mizoram
     the Union and state governments.                       l The state which produces largest number of or-
   l The term of office of the vice president of India is     chids in India is Sikkim
     five years.                                            l Sunderbans, Nandadevi and Gulf of Mannar, bio
Economy                                                       reserves are included in the World Network of Bio-
   l EXIM, NABARD, SIDBI are non-banking finan-               sphere Reserves
     cial institutions.                                   Polity and Constitution
   l The BRICS New Development Bank has been set            l A motion that seeks to reduce the amount of
     up for funding infrastructure projects in emerg-         demand presented by government to rupee 1 is
     ing economies for sustainable development.               known as disapproval of policy cut
Physics                                                     l A motion moved by a member of Parliament when
   l Super cooling stands for cooling of a liquid be-         he feels a minister has committed a breach of
     low freezing point.                                      privilege of the House by withholding facts of a
                                                              case is called Privilege Motion
   l Alcohol is more volatile than water because its
     boiling point is lower than water.                     l An indifference curve measures same level of sat-
   l The method will be employed to test the hard-            isfaction derived from different combinations of
     ness of water is formation of leather with soap          commodity X and Y
Biology                                                     l ‘Himayat’ is a training cum-placement programme
                                                              for unemployed youth in the state of Jammu and
   l A universal donor has the blood group O.                 Kashmir
   l Symbiotic bacteria responsible for the fixation
                                                            l Redistribution of income in a country can be
     of atmospheric nitrogen are present in peas.
                                                              brought about through progressive taxation com-
   l Children especially in western countries who re-
                                                              bined with progressive expenditure
     ceive very little sunshine suffer from rickets.
   l In water treatment plant, use of chloramines         Physics
     ensures disinfection.                                  l During the motion of a projectile fired from the
Miscellaneous                                                 earth surface, horizontal component of its ve-
   l Upon winning Wimbledon Women’s Tennis Tour-              locity remains constant
     nament 2016, Serena Williams equalled record           l Waves cannot be polarised is ultrasonic
     22 grand slam wins of Steffi Graf.                     l Absolute Zero is defined as the temperature at
   l Password is used to protect objects in computer          which all molecular motion ceases
     system in the absence of more complete protec-       Chemistry
     tion schemes.
   l Abhinav bindra is the first Indian gold medal          l Copper is not an alloy
     winner in individual category in Olympic Games.        l Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin
   l Thomas cup is associated with Badminton.             Biology
   l The famous book ‘Anand math’ was written by
                                                            l Person who is colour- blind cannot distinguish
     Shri Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.
                                                              between red and green
   l The term ‘Hindu rate of growth’ was introduced
     by Raj Krishna.                                        l Nitrogen fixation is a process of conversion of
                                                              organic nitrogen to protein
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                          l Echidna lay egg and does not produce young ones
  (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 11.09.2016                           directly
                 (Second Shift)                           Miscellaneous
                                                            l Bezwada Wilson is a renowned campaigner
Medieval History                                              against manual scavenging who recently conferred
   l The first to make use of artillery in warfare in         with the prestigious Magsaysay Award
     medieval India was Babur                               l ‘Agha Khan Cup’ is associated with the game of
Modern History                                                Hockey
                                                            l Norway is called as the ‘Land of the midnight
   l The Governor General who decided to make En-