Biology                                                     l  Services areas make the largest contribution to
   l Lichens is an association between algae and fun-          national income in India
     gus                                                 Physics
   l Milk is good source of protein, carbohydrates and
                                                            l  In hydel power station, the motion produced in
                                                               turbines is due to flow of water
   l Pepper plant is a vine
                                                            l  Aditi Krishna Kumar in May 2016 won the presti-
   l Particulates (<1 μm size) remaining suspended
                                                               gious 2016 Scholastic Asian Book Award for her
     in air indefinitely and transported by wind cur-
                                                               work ‘Codex : The Lost Treasure of the Indus’
     rents are called aerosols
   l The least preferred technique in the disposal of    Chemistry
     Municipal Solid Waste is Bricketting                   l  Nitrous oxide is known as “Laughing Gas”
Miscellaneous                                               l  The ‘solid waste’ is also known as sludge
   l A Primary key is also a candidate key               Biology
   l The first Indian Citizen to get commercial Pilot’s
                                                            l  Vitamin that help in the absorption of calcium
     Licence was J.R.D. Tata
                                                               is vitamin D
   l The number of permanent members of the UN
                                                            l  Ornithophily is effected by birds
     Security Council is 5
                                                            l  Vitamin B contains nitrogen
   l List- I               List-II
                                                            l  If waste materials contaminate the source of
     SARAS                 Multipurpose Civil Aircraft
                                                               drinking water, Typhoid diseases will spread
     BHISHMA               Battle Tank
                                                            l  Pneumonia is a bacterial disease caused by the
     BRAHMOS               Missile
                                                               type of bacteria called Cocci
     INSAT-3C              Satellite
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                          l  Constantly running system - program processes
  (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 10.09.2016                            are known as Daemons
                    (3rd Shift)                             l  P.V. Sindhu is associated Badminton
                                                            l  Kalamkari painting refers to a hand painted cot-
Ancient History                                                ton textile in South-India
   l Gautam Buddha belonged to Shakya ganarajya
Medieval History                                          SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
   l Chachnama records the history of Arabs
                                                           (Tier-1) Exam Held on: 11.09.2016
                                                                             (First Shift)
Modern History
   l “Abhinav Bharat” was founded in 1904 as a se-
                                                         Medieval History
     cret society of revolutionaries by V. D. Savarkar      l  Amir Khusro was a poet.
Physical Geography                                                             Success Tip
                                                          Amir Khusrow, was a Sufi musician, poet and
   l Granite, Basalt and Gabbro are Igneous Rocks
                                                          scholar. He was an iconic figure in the cultural
   l The outermost layer of sun is called Chromo-         history of the Indian subcontinent. He was a mystic
     sphere                                               and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya of
   l Science dealing with study of soil is called Pedol-  Delhi. Amir Khusrau is reputed to have invented
     ogy                                                  certain musical instruments like the sitar and tabla
   l The deepest trench of the Indian Ocean is Java
     trench                                              Modern History
General Geography                                           l  Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was responsible for the
                                                               integration of princely states into the Indian
   l Myanmar is called the ‘Land of the Golden Pago-
                                                               Union after independence.
Polity and Constitution                                  Physical Geography
   l The Preventive Detention Act curtailed Right to        l  The west coast of India received more rainfall from
     Freedom                                                   southwest monsoon than the east coast because
   l Ideas of welfare state are contained in Directive         the Western ghats obstruct the winds causing
     Principles of State Policy                                rainfall.
Economy                                                     l  The plateau that has both west and east flowing
                                                               drainage system is Malwa.
   l Bilateral monopoly situation is when there is only
     one buyer and one seller of a product                  l  Thermosphere is the warmest layer of the atmo-
   l Lorenz curve shows income distribution                    sphere.