General Geography
                                                                     SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
   l  Purpose for building Farakka Barrage
      ä         Checking water floating into Bangladesh
                                                                      Tier-1 Exam, Held on: 08.09.2016
        ä       Checking silting of Kolkata Port                                      (First Shift)
          ä     Preventing erosion of Kolkata Port                  Ancient History
   l        River in the Southern Peninsula has the second
            largest river basin in India is Godavari                  l Kamarup is an ancient name of Assam
   l        Name of the longest lake in India is Vembanad             l The battle led to the downfall of the Vijayanagar
            Lake                                                        empire was Battle of Talikota
   l        Red Data Book provide an account of endangered          Medieval History
            plants and animals
                                                                      l Mansabdari system in India was introduced by
                              Success Tip                               Akbar
 The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (also known
 as the IUCN Red List or Red Data List), founded in                 Physical Geography
 1964, is the world’s most comprehensive inventory                    l Equinox occurs when the sun is vertically above
 of the global conser -vation status of biological                      equator
 species. The International Union for Conservation                    l Among the world oceans, Arctic Ocean is having
 of Nature (IUCN) is the world’s main authority on                      the widest continental shelf
 the conservation status of species                                   l Temperature is indicated by the colour of a star
   l Suez Canal connects Red Sea and Mediterranean                  General Geography
                                                                      l The largest peninsular river in India is Godavari
Polity and Constitution                                               l Red soil is normally found in India in Eastern &
   l        The President in consultation with the Election             Southern part of the Deccan Plateau
            Commission decides dispute regarding disquali-            l Anthracite is the highest quality of hard coal
            fication of members of Parliament                       Polity and Constitution
   l        All doubts and disputes in connection with elec-
            tion of the President are inquired into and decid-        l An amendment of the constitution may be initi-
            ed by the Supreme Court                                     ated by the introduction of a bill in either House
                                                                        of Parliament
Economy                                                               l The Directive Principles of State Policy has been
   l        Money transfer through mobile is called IMPS                adopted from Irish Constitution
   l        G-20 is the group of 20 largest economies repre-        Economy
            sented by their Finance Ministers and Central
            Bank Governors                                            l CENVAT is related to excise Duty
   l        In India, the Black Revolution is related to the          l Malthusian theory is associated with population
            manufacturing of crude petroleum                          l Per capita monetary income is the parameter for
   l        Kutir Jyoti Scheme is associated with providing             the economic development
            electricity to rural families living below poverty line Physics
Physics                                                               l ‘Diodes’ are generally used for rectification
   l        The force which makes a vehicle to stop when              l An anemometer measures speed of wind
            break is applied is called frictional force             Chemistry
Chemistry                                                             l Limestone is a raw material used by Cement in-
   l        Synthetic detergents are prepared from hydrocar-            dustry
            bons of petroleum                                         l Atomic number of an atom gives the number
Biology                                                                 of protons
   l        Tortoise has the maximum life span among ea-            Biology
            gle, tortoise, lion and elephant                          l The antibiotic penicillin is obtained from fungus
   l        Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin                      l DPT vaccine is categorized as a combined vac-
   l        Bio fortification is a method of breeding crops to          cine
            increase their nutritional value                          l ‘Mission Indradhanush’ Campaign in India is
Miscellaneous                                                           associated with vaccination of children
   l        Cache memory works on the principle of locality           l Cone cell disorder in our body is responsible for
            of reference                                                colour blindness
   l        The headquarters of National Film Archives of           Miscellaneous
            India located in Pune                                     l Data in database at a particular point of time is
   l        The 18th Asian Games also known as ‘Asiad’ will             called as extension
            be held in 2018 in Jakarta